20 Most Successful People Of The World After Rejection


The path to success is not always linear. It brings along with it, many mistakes, setbacks, and rejections. That is why a student needs to access top dissertation writing services to overcome these hurdles. Initially, it feels heart-wrenching to expect something big and end up losing everything.  Often these setbacks were the beginning of great things or a time to pause and reflect.

Normally a successful person is thought of as the one who was always destined to be so. Even some intellectual students need research proposal help UK based to boost their academic careers without failing. Below are the stories of the mistakes and shortcomings of the people who are acknowledged as successful globally.

List Of 20 Most Successful People After Rejection

  1. Albert Einstein:

    The first person on the list of successful people is Albert Einstein, who is an inspiration to the masses. I would not mind to write my dissertation while considering his name as compatible with intelligence. The truth behind this image is entwined with bitter realities. He was not born the Albert Einstein.

    He took four years to start talking as a child. Probably he took time for meditating on something bigger later on. He could not read until he was seven and appeared to be mentally retarded. If he had ceded and never persisted, his core beliefs would not have been known. He was awarded the Nobel Prize and changed the global approach to physics.

  1. Thomas Edison:

    Thomas Edison faced the most depressing opinion from a teacher. He was told that he was too stupid to learn anything. It was the worst teaching practice ever by any teacher to have. Had his teachers not died before, they would have faced the injury of the embarrassment of injury. Further, he spilled some acid on the floor as an employee in western Union so he was fired.

    Edison later received more than 1,000 patents, including the practical electric lamp and the phonograph. His innovation proved him the most prolific inventor of all time just like dissertation methodology help is a pioneer in the industry of academic help services. His creations changed the lives of billions of humans around the globe.

  1. Abraham Lincoln:

    Abraham Lincoln has to face numerous deteriorations. A special feat occurred when he joined the army as the leader just to come back to the lowest level of military service. Then, he tried his luck with several failed business attempts one after the other, he quietly suffered the inconvenience.

    Undeterred, Lincoln entered politics and made several unsuccessful attempts at the political office before becoming president. He viewed the failure as nothing worth it. In fact, the contentment with the failure was a thing of concern for him.

  1. Walt Disney:

    Earlier in his career, Walt Disney was told by a newspaper editor that he lacked imagination and good ideas. Well, it would have been the wild imagination of that editor if Walt had listened to him. Undaunted, Old Walt created a cultural icon out of his name.

    Now no child can imagine his childhood without Disney. He developed the importance of failure at a young age after his personal experiences. According to him, initial failures make one fearless about falls and all that.

    Realization of this fact brought the creation of dissertation proofreading services UK based to encourage students that mistakes do happen but they need to be treated in initial steps. In proofreading, they are noted down for correction. It is a process for identifying errors and marking them for correction. Proofreading is also said to be like a draft and is the final stage of your revision, where the author gets a last chance to search for any errors before submission (helpwithdissertation, 2021)

  1. J.k Rowling:

    J.K Rowling was a depressed, broke, and divorced lady. She was a single mother too, who wrote a novel in college. No one can believe it, but many publishers have rejected Harry Potter. Now she has inscribed her name among the richest women in the world. Rowling had to confront the wizard to face welfare.

    She reflected upon her past failures in these words,

    “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all-in which case, you fail by default.”

  1. Jerry Seinfeld:

    Jerry Seinfeld got a minor role on the sitcom Benson. He was fired uninformed and came to know when he went for a read-through. Seinfeld was a young comedian. His first on-stage performance was a total disaster. When he faced the audience for the first time he was knocked down.

    He has a choice between pulling himself together and admitting that acting is none of his business, or returning to the same scene the next night and making the audience hysterical. He chose to become the most successful comedian of all time.

  1. Michael Bloomberg:

    Bloomberg was fired while working as a partner at investment bank Solomon Brothers. Especially after the company was acquired by what would later become Citigroup in 1998. This termination of his job brought a usual severance check which lead him to become the 18th richest person.

  1. Oprah Winfrey:

    Oprah Winfrey owns her own TV station. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first job as a TV host in Baltimore. Now that she owns a TV channel, she cannot be fired again.

    So it was possibly her last major failure in her career. She is a billionaire, who is fond of giving away cars. In 2013, Oprah reflected that failure is nothing but a push that life gives us in a different direction.

  1. Steve Jobs:

    Steve Jobs had to face a failure that was unique of its kind as he has been fired from the company which was his own creation. Eventually, Apple caught up with him and placed him in the inevitable position he occupies today. Jobs’ legacy is not the products he has put out, his attitude or his approach. It is in his vision to drive Apple and ultimately, the computing world forward (Isaacson)

  1. Stephen King:

    In yet another case of the inexplicable instances of publishers making stupid decisions Carrie, the first book by mega-novel author Stephen King was rejected 30 times.

    The publishers also told this iconic narrator that they weren’t interested in negative utopian science fiction. The reason behind this silly interpretation was the silliest assumption that such books fail to generate revenue. The frightened king threw the book into the bin. His wife took him in and begged him to introduce it again, which led to his first book and the start of a brilliant career.

  1. Bill Gates:

    After leaving Harvard, Bill Gates started a business with Paul Allen called Traf-O-Data, which failed. Luckily, they tried to go into business again, and this time they get hold of Microsoft.

  1. Charles Darwin:

    The man who is credited with much of the understanding of the world today was once considered an average student. This assumption provided a reason for his dropping out of medical school.

    Darwin explored the study of nature throughout his life. This led to a change in the course of human existence as was perceived before the groundbreaking ‘On the Origin of Species’.

    Darwin had no intention of becoming a scientist until his dad started calling him lazy and too sleepy. He once said that all his teachers and his father considered him a normal child below the usual intellectual level.

  1. Socrates:

    He was in fact a visionary but came at unfavorable times. By the time he lived, his new ideas marked him as a “corrupter of the youth” and led to his death sentence. However, this continued until he was forced to consume hemlock himself. Death could not diminish his name from the minds of millions till today.

  1. Isaac Newton:

    In mathematics, Newton was certainly a magician, but in other things, he did not excel. He never did well in school. When he started working on the family farm, he failed miserably. Then he was sent to Cambridge to let history speak of his worth.

  1. Marilyn Monroe:

    Towards the start of her career, modeling agencies advised her to consider becoming a secretary. Her childhood also marked some difficult situations. She rose herself as the first woman to initiate a production house. Her films gross more than hundreds of millions of dollars.

  1. Steven Spielberg:

    The film’s production grossed more than $9 billion along with winning over three Oscars. Can anyone believe that a person who is now the best in the industry was snubbed by the USC School of Cinematic Arts? Steven Spielberg in particular also suffered from dyslexia, which made it difficult for him to go to school. The school erected a building in the honor of Steven Spielberg.

    He has received 3 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes, and 11 Emmys to date and is one of the most successful directors of the current era.

  1. Emily Dickinson:

    Although Dickinson is loved now, she was not there then. In fact, it was so sad that she could not get her poems published during her lifetime. Her total compositions were some 1,800 in number. She could publish less than a dozen in her life.

  1. Michael Jordan:

    Six leagues and five MVPs later, Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. But was fate always in favor of this great basketball player? Probably not but it is true that fortune favors the brave.

    Once he recollected that he had missed over 9,000 shots in his career. Also, he lost almost 300 games. He was given 26 winner shots which he missed out on. Further, he said that he made mistakes over and over in his life which is the reason behind his success.

  1. Rudyard Kipling:

    In 1889, he was fired as an employee of the San Francisco Examiner because the editor told him, “I’m sorry, Mr. Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use the English language.”

  1. Vincent Van Gogh:

    Those who have great taste in art must be interested in buying Van Gogh paintings. These paintings would cost the buyer over $100 million these days. But Vincent van Gogh had not entertained a successful life period. Unfortunately, he too couldn’t get rid of failures and setbacks.

    During his lifetime, he sold only one painting, The Red Vineyard, and the sale took place shortly before his death. Others were able to reap the financial spoils of his lifelong struggles. He mentioned success as an outcome of a series of failures.


It is too often that most people take their status quo of rejection as a termination point. Their conscience is unwilling to prick the moment to initiate steps that ensure their success. But rejection is hard and sometimes takes guts. Learning to get up after falling is the key. Even the best dreams are shattered. Those who learn to overcome everything and continue their struggle come out as the icons of the world.