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How to Write a Bibliography


How to Write a Bibliography: Referencing Formats and Their Importance What is a dissertation and what does it include? A dissertation is a culminating document required to be submitted by the students as the final stage of their academic cycle. However, a dissertation might seem like a simple document. However, A dissertation can take months or even years to finish because of how long it is. For an undergraduate dissertation, students must write between 5000 and 10,000 words, whereas, for a master's dissertation, they must write between 15,000 and 20,000 words. Furthermore, 60,000–80,000 words, which is [...]

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Top Tips on How to Write a Masters Dissertation like a Pro


Top Tips on How to Write a Master's Dissertation like a Pro You are a master's student and gradually coming towards finishing the degree. You might have heard about a masters dissertation from a senior working on it or a professor during a lecture. Do not wonder what monster it is (though it is one if you are not prepared). I was the same when I started hearing the word dissertation as soon as my classes started. I did my research before diving into the research process. You don't have to worry about the information; here in my [...]

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20 Most Successful People Of The World After Rejection


20 Most Successful People Of The World After Rejection Inception: The path to success is not always linear. It brings along with it, many mistakes, setbacks, and rejections. That is why a student needs to access top dissertation writing services to overcome these hurdles. Initially, it feels heart-wrenching to expect something big and end up losing everything.  Often these setbacks were the beginning of great things or a time to pause and reflect. Normally a successful person is thought of as the one who was always destined to be so. Even some intellectual students need research proposal help [...]

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List of Hollywood Celebrities Who Went to Harvard


List of Hollywood Celebrities who went to Harvard For some kids who can't wait to start their maturity era, completing high school is an accomplishment. Some people aim for the top colleges, while others want to enroll in any college they can get accepted into. With tight entrance requirements and a high ranking among the world's most renowned universities, Harvard University has a low admittance rate but USA definitely had best dissertation proofreading services. Even after being famous, some celebrities continue their education at colleges, while others were students there before they knew they might become famous. The 20 famous [...]

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Tips to Get Doctorate Degree during Full-Time Job


Tips to Get Doctorate Degree during Full-Time Job Getting a doctorate degree is tough as it is. If you are also working a full-time job then it becomes more challenging. Now you do not only have to get the degree but perform well at the job too. Sources such as tutors and dissertation proofreading services are already there to create efficiency. The rest is up to you. To help you get a doctorate degree during a full-time Job, here are a few tips: Tips to Obtain Doctorate Degree during Full-Time Job Time Management: Time management is a [...]

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How social media helps you to complete your dissertation


How social media helps you to complete your dissertation? Do you know that American youth is known to be spending 7 hours online per day! (Edsurge, 2020). And this fact should not be considered wrong for the rest of the world too. Clearly, around the globe, students spend a significant part of their day online. Of course, much of that time is dedicated to social media. But this becomes a huge obstacle in the way of your studies. There is something about social media that has turned us all into social media addicts. And this is affecting our grades greatly. [...]

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Cryptocurrency Research Topics


Get The Best Cryptocurrency Research Topics Free From UK Experts! The existence and study of cryptocurrency might be creeping you out. We have found that many students are scratching their heads upon welcoming this new course of study into their life. Though this is undoubtful that accepting the new change in the existing life might become impossible at times, remember every new change has a solid reason behind it. You might get irritated by studying cryptocurrency or feel lazy to work on a Ph.D. thesis on cryptocurrency but kick back all your problems. We can hear your call that the [...]

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Types of Variables


What are Variables? A variable in research generally refers to a thing, place or phenomena that the researcher is trying to measure in some way. In other words, variables are any characteristics that can take a form in a different manner depending on the phenomena of research under a specific area. However, there are other kinds of variables as well such as; Quantitative Variables, Qualitative Variables and Confounding Variables. How many Types of Variables In context of research methodology, there are six basic kinds of variables such as; dependent, independent, intervening, moderator, extraneous and controlled. The variables are formed [...]

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Thematic Analysis


What is Thematic Analysis? Thematic analysis is considered analysis of significant themes and patterns. It entails the separation of themes within an index of information and the identification of their relevance. However, since this process is based on research questions, the main point is not to distinguish all possible themes from the information, instead, it is mainly used to process the fundamental concerns and perspectives which correspond to the study problem and objectives. It is important to emphasise that even if you start your research with research questions, they may not remain constant. Indeed, the exploration of topics is generally [...]

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Research Design


What is Research Design? Research design is a model that identified the tools and techniques that will be opted by the investigator for merging various mechanisms of the study in a logical way. It is an overall strategy that ensures how efficiently the researcher could address the problem of the research. Research design permits researchers for approaching appropriate methods for conducting a successful study. This phase mainly focuses on determining which tools should be implemented and how they are utilised. It helps in setting relevant methods for the research that supports the research type. Why research Design is Important [...]

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