Captivating Change Management Dissertation Topics by Subject Matter Experts

It is not an easy task for anyone to create some interesting Change Management dissertation topics without any help. A lot of students struggle to craft dissertation topics that would help them achieve their desired grades.

If you are also looking for some eye-catching Change Management dissertation topics then don’t worry. We have a list of topics for your change management dissertation that will captivate the reader at first sight.

Interesting Change Management Dissertation Ideas for Best Custom Topics

Before giving you the list of attention-grabbing dissertation topics, we are going to give you some Change Management dissertation ideas that will help you craft customized topics. It is recommended to create customized dissertation topics as it will be easier for you to work on them and write an interesting dissertation.

The topics that you craft will be within your interest area and will impress the readers easily.

  • Eco-friendly Change: The aim of this dissertation idea is to study the impacts of eco-friendly changes in an organization. You can further evaluate your dissertation by discussing the challenges occurring while managing eco-friendly changes in an organization. For instance, you can discuss the impacts of adding plants to a workplace. What are its impacts on the employee productivity, behaviour and on the environment of the organization? If positive, why and how other similar organizations should also utilize plants.
  • Scope of Study: The objective of this dissertation topic is to study the scope of studying change management. You can statistically discuss the success rate of change management students in the region of your choice. You can also analyze and discuss the career options in the change management field. For instance, you can create a dissertation topic to find out the rate of students who pursue their careers in change management after finishing their University degrees.

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    List of Change Management Dissertation Topics for Attention-Grabbing Dissertations

    Now it’s time you start grabbing the best Change Management dissertation topics but before you do, here are a few tips to help you. Make sure to choose such topics that fall under the area of your interest and meet your instructions as well.  Besides that, you can modify these dissertation topics according to your interests and create customized topics.

    BBA A critical review of the tools and techniques to analyze and manage change in the organizations in the United Kingdom.
    BBA A case study of Google to highlight the effective change management strategies.
    BBA How businesses in the United Kingdom can reinvent themselves in the times of COVID-19?
    BBA An in-depth study of the change management strategies in the health care sector of the United Kingdom.
    BBA What are the major reasons for resistance among people in an organization towards adapting changes? A case study of the fast-food sector of the United Kingdom
    MBA Can adopting eco-friendly work habits increase employee productivity in an organization? A systematic review.
    MBA An in-depth review of the technological tools used for seamless management in
    MBA A comparative analysis of the management of changes in consumption patterns of natural resources between first and third world countries.
    MBA Highlighting the change management strategies implied in the public sector. A case study of the United Kingdom.
    MBA Evaluating the factors that drive change in an organization. A review of the textile industry of the United Kingdom
    PhD What are the impacts of changes in the automobile manufacturing industry? A case study of tesla
    PhD The scope of studying change management in the United Kingdom. A statistic review to find out the percentage of students pursuing a career in the change management.
    PhD An analysis of the application of data modelling for initiating change in the manufacturing industry of the United States of America
    PhD What kind of changes have coronavirus outbreaks have imposed on the organizations? A review of the United Kingdom.
    PhD How going green can help increasing employee productivity? A case study of the fast-food industry of the United Kingdom.

    Change Management Dissertation Topics FAQ’s

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