Top Construction Management Dissertation Topics by Subject Matter Experts

A lot of students fail to impress their professors with the Construction Management dissertation topics they craft. Most of the times, picky professors reject the topics as well. If you are struggling to craft interesting dissertation topics for your Construction Management dissertation then don’t worry because we are here to help you.

Here you can find a lot of interesting Construction Management dissertation topics that will help you capture the attention of your professors in just one glance.

Construction Management Dissertation Ideas from the UK’s Top Construction Managers

Before we give you the best topics for your Construction Management dissertation. We want you to have a look at these amazing Construction Management dissertation ideas that can help you craft your own customized topics.

These Construction Management dissertation ideas are completely open-ended which means that you can craft as many different topics as you want from each of the ideas below. With that being said, here are the ideas validated by the top construction managers in the United Kingdom.

  • Resource Management: The aim of this dissertation idea is to discuss resource management strategies in the construction management. For instance, you can discuss different methods to save resources using software programs and strategies. Furthermore, you can also design model resource management strategies after analyzing multiple existing construction management strategies as well.
  • Labour Rights: The goal of this dissertation topic idea is to highlight the labour rights and laws in the construction industry. You can evaluate your research by discussing the labour laws that are being violated in a certain region. For instance, you highlight commonly violated labour laws in the construction industry such as minimum wage, contracts, and other laws in the construction industry.

Best Construction Management Dissertation Topics for Top-Notch Dissertations

Before you finalize one of the Construction Management dissertation topics from the list below, here are a few things you should keep in your mind before finalizing your topic. All of the topics below are free to use and you can tweak them according to your guidelines and interests as well. Besides that, always make multiple drafts to help yourself selecting the final topic for your dissertation.

BBA Analyzing the common legal issues faced by British construction workers in modern construction management.
BBA Highlighting the major causes of labour shortages in the UK construction industry.
BBA Discussing how reasonable Sustainability in Urban Living
BBA Critical analysis of problems and the measures taken to resolve them while scheduling advanced construction projects in the United Kingdom.
BBA Highlighting the causes and effects of poor communication in the American construction industry.
MBA What is the role of PMO in construction projects? A critical analysis of the construction laws in the United Kingdom.
MBA Highlighting the most effective project planning methodologies in the United States of America
MBA What is the risk management in procurement options in the construction industry of the United Kingdom
MBA Analyzing the significance of organizational characters on construction project performance in the United States of America.
MBA Highlighting the significant practices to preserve energy in construction industry
PhD Discussing the health and environmental safety aspects of the project management in a construction firm in the United Kingdom.
PhD Studying the practices, needs, & delivery benefits of small to medium-sized enterprises of project management in the British construction industry.
PhD What is the role of project management principles and system dynamics on humanitarian logistics in the United Kingdom?
PhD The impacts of real estate market and financing on the construction project management in the United Kingdom.
PhD Highlighting the importance of information systems used in construction management and their effect on the construction progress.

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