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Best Digital Marketing Dissertation Idea For 2023

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  • The Role Of COVID19 In Boosting Digital Marketing Employment In The United Kingdom

COVID19 brought adverse impacts on the world economy, but the businesses that flourished were the online stores. Amazon made its highest revenue during the pandemic as people preferred to buy things online. Keeping this in mind, you can discuss the impact of COVID19 is flourishing the digital marketing field as more companies went online than ever before.

  • Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study is to determine the rate by which employment increased in the field of digital marketing before COVID and post COVID comparison. Your study would also target the scope of digital marketing in COVID19 and how it can result in massive revenue.

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    Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics That Spark Curiosity

    There are many ways to capture your reader’s attention. However, the best way, is to leave a lasting first impression. This is only possible if you have an intriguing digital marketing dissertation topic. You can achieve this by using our list of topics that are created by some of our finest writers!

    BBA Assessing the Significance of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Industry. New
    BBA Influence of Digital Marketing on Brand Promotion and Positioning. New
    BBA Innovation of digital marketing management in B2B markets. New
    BBA The impact of social media and its influence on the buying behavior of consumers in the UK.
    BBA The significance of pop up ads in increasing the online sales of eCommerce stores in the UK.
    BBA An analysis of the consumer purchase decision and identifying the impacts of the internet in bringing a dynamic shift.
    MBA The role of celebrities and influencers in changing the online marketing world.
    MBA The impact of mobile NFC and smart payment options on the increase in digital marketing sales in the UK.
    MBA How do landing pages convert visitors into customers? A detailed study of landing page management.
    MBA An investigation of the 4 P’s of marketing and how they facilitate the branding process.
    M.Phil. The significance of color psychology in affecting the purchase decision of online consumers in the UK.
    M.Phil. Analysis of consumer psychology and its role in digital marketing.
    M.Phil. An in-depth study of the factors involved in making a purchase on an online store. An evaluation of the human trust mechanism.
    Ph.D. The impact of email marketing in generating new customers for B2C businesses in the UK.
    Ph.D. The role of word to mouth marketing in the digital world.
    Ph.D. The scope of digital marketing, and will it be every replaced?
    Ph.D. The significance of AI in the field of digital marketing.
    Ph.D. A comparative study between Facebook ads and Google ads. Which generates more revenue?

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