The Purpose of Dissertation Acknowledgements?

The acknowledgement purpose of the dissertation is to thank all of the people provides information and related support in study research. It is not limited to individuals, organizations, educational institution, academic supervisors, colleagues, friends and family members. The general concerned is to comprehensively express your gratitude in a manner which briefly shows the internal emotions. In some cultures and traditions the dissertation author shows gratitude to the Almighty Allah (God), in contrast, the western and some secular nature of societies this is not an institutional or academic practice. One important point every dissertation acknowledgement section read by the readers and it impact on the persons who are linked with the research. From this section, the contributors have taken noticed that how they are meant to you.

Dissertation Acknowledgement Example

Acknowledgement section have a worth impact and positive outcome for the dissertation, therefore it is very essential and significant to made a concise and reasonable acknowledgement for the dissertation. Few examples of good acknowledgement for perfect dissertation acknowledgement section shown in the below section;

Example 1:
“With deep feeling and appreciation from my heart for those who had contributed in my research particularly my supervisor Dr. XIAN and his team. Every individual from staff to administrative departments add their part in my research for which I am very grateful and thankful.”
Example 2:
“I might want to offer my profound thanks to Educator XZ and Teacher ZY, my exploration chiefs, for their patient direction, eager consolation and valuable evaluate of this examination work. I might likewise want to express gratitude toward Dr. XZ for her recommendation and help with keeping my advancement on time. My appreciative thanks are additionally stretched out to Dr. XZ for his assistance in doing the meteorological information examination, to Dr XZ who assisted me with computing the breeze pressure coefficient and to Dr XZ and Dr. XZ for their help in the site estimation. I might likewise want to stretch out my gratitude to the professionals of the research facility of the XZ division for their assistance in offering me the assets in running the program.”
Example 3:
“Firstly, we are grateful to the Supreme Power, the Almighty Allah (S.W.T) who has constantly guided us during this difficult undertaking (XYZ). The undertaking has further thrived with the help and guidance of our reputable instructors and staff. The contributions are earnestly appreciated, especially Dr XI (Advisor Internal) and CEO TEL Mr XU (Advisor External). We are grateful for every advisor’s aid. Lastly, we appreciate the special Homologation Organizations for timely information and assistance.”

Who to Thank?

Following hierarchy for the appreciation of the contributors would make the acknowledgement section more aligned to specific.

  • The first appreciation or thank you need to give to the supervisor that has contributed to your dissertation.
  • If research student is a master’s students then mentioned PhD students who have contributed in the research.
  • Librarian staff if possible mentioned them with their names.
  • Laboratory technicians.
  • Administrative staff and the individuals helped in the submission of the dissertation.
  • The previous referees that got you in the institution (master’s only).
  • Sponsors and any funding bodies helped in the research.
  • If research is linked with the industries, then mentioned individuals helped in the research.
  • Friends, family and colleagues.

Professional Acknowledgements

Professional acknowledgement express the overall values of the contributors and individuals who helped in the submission of the dissertation. Proper naming titles such as Mr, Miss, Dr, Professor etc. The first person can be used to express gratitude individually. Guidelines of the specific institution must be followed to essentially achieved readers attention and acceptance from the institution. The position of the professional acknowledgement should place after the table of contents.


Personal Acknowledgements

Managing a diverse project and related work personally, therefore acknowledgement in terms of personal efforts can be shown with summaries phrases. You need to avoid strong emotive language in the acknowledgement to ensure the politeness and readiness impact.


Where Should My Acknowledgements Go?

Usually, the acknowledgement for the dissertation place after the table of contents. However in some universities the guidelines advise to put your dissertation acknowledgement after abstract and before the table of contents.

How to Write Acknowledgements?

To write a concise and ideal dissertation acknowledgement some do and don’ts need to follow and arranged the section accordingly, below table shows comprehensively the sections limitations.


Checklist for Acknowledgement

  • Acknowledgement is after the table of contents.
  • The Acknowledgement word limit and length preferably one page.
  • Contributors have been mentioned.
  • Dr, Mr with name must be mentioned.
  • Precise and clear words should need to use.
  • Review for possible corrections and refinement of language.

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