Dissertation Structure List Of Figure

Use Numbers and Clear Titles in The Text

The list of figures and tables are most important in the dissertation and are just what they specifically sound like where lists of all tables and figures used in the dissertation are in coherence with the pages of numbers. The list of tables and figures in the dissertation is like the table of contact that helps to reach the specific table and figure with the help of page numbers. Hence in all this, the corresponding page numbers are most important followed by the clear titles and usage of numbers in the text. Furthermore, these lists offer the readers a detailed overview of how one has used these related items in the dissertation and support them to find the specific tables and figures of interest. Often, such lists are not much required in the dissertation it is mainly recommended when a researcher is using several figures and tables or the dissertation is large in terms of pages. Thus, the tables and figures always require to be clear titled with proper numbering. If a table or any other figure is taken from different sources this can be sourced by using the caption option that is automatically generated where the source should be mentioned. Moreover, certain references could be inserted in the last bibliography. In Microsoft word to add the titles and numbers and highlight the tables and figures by selecting the insert caption from right-click option.


Figure 1: Dialogue Box for Caption in Microsoft Office

Automatically, the list of tables and figures will depict all the equations, graphics, and tables in the document. Where each entry is further supported by title, number and specifies the page number which is most important for the navigation. The listing is continuous in the proper sequence, where no number on the page with the main headings may be used.

Generate lists Automatically

For the generation of lists automatically in the dissertation firstly researcher has to add captions to the related figures. After that, the insertion of a table of figures command is used through the reference tab. Moreover, the documents for the caption has been searched by the word and adds the list of table and figures automatically that is further sorted by appropriate page numbers. Once an individual has added all the captions with respect to figures and tables and lets word create the list of tables and figure automatically. Here the element for the carefulness is that the list will only comprise the items that the researcher has marked and uses the tool by insert caption. Specifically, if the report has various figures and tables in the appendices one has recommended individuals create the style for titles of figures and other titles of tables. The list of tables and figures permits readers to easily and quickly navigate to certain pages containing tables, images, and charts respectively that are of their interest. It saves the time of researcher in generating the list of table and figure and ensure that one should use proper styles of font and size. The generation of the list automatically is based on certain steps that are defined as under:

Step 1

The placement of cursor where the researcher has wanted to originate the list where the most common and appropriate place for this list is after the table of contents.

Step 2

The second step comprises that in the menu bar of a word the click on references is most important and then the dialogue box has appeared to click the insert option for a table of figures. Moreover, from the dialogue box, there is an option for the selection of table or figure and there is also an option for layouts that can be used within the requirements.

Table 1: Representation of List of Tables in Microsoft Office


Table 2: Representation of List of Figures in Microsoft Office


Figure 2: Dialogue Box for Table of Figures in Microsoft Word

            As depicted in the aforementioned figures and tables there is a difference in captions of table and figures wherein the caption of the table the place of a caption is the upper side of the table. In contrast, the caption of the figure is placed on the lower side of the picture which is a standard of dissertation and it could be changed concerning the guidelines of a dissertation.

Checklist for List of Tables

Mainly the checklist for a list of tables and a list of figures is the same apart from the placement of the caption in tables is on the upper side and in the figure, it is the lower side of the picture that can be changed concerning guidelines. Few checklists for the list of the table is given as under:

  • All number of pages should be appropriately aligned that are mentioned in the list of tables and the page number.
  • Where between these places the similarity is most important that helps to navigate the data of dissertation.
  • The table of content should be updated at all times.
  • It should be properly formatted in consideration of the provided guidelines.
  • All titles of tables match what exactly appears in the text mentioned while captioning the table.
  • All the tables should be listed in the tables of the document except those specific tables listed in the appendices.
  • The Source of each table is equally important which is also mentioned in the bibliography in the end.
  • The template instructions should be followed which defines the writing styles, alignment, margins, font, and formatting of the title which support standardise the dissertation.
  • The style of the words or format should be set to the visual style gallery.
  • After insertion of the list of tables and figures and when finished, the page break is most important so that the first chapter of a dissertation should be started from a separate and new page and not mixed with the list of tables or figures.

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