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Event Management seems like a very easy subject to study unless you are the one studying it. Studying Event Management can be coped if you have good teachers who ethically teach you with dedication. Although, choosing interesting Event Management dissertation topics can give you a hard very time.

Interesting Event Management Dissertation Ideas to Craft the Best Topics

Before we give you the list of eye-catching event management dissertation examples and topics, Dissertation Writing Help is going to give you some open-ended Event Management dissertation ideas. These ideas will help you create your event management topics based only on your interest criteria.

  • Managing Resources: This dissertation idea aims to study and highlight the resource management strategies in events. For instance, you can specify the issues commonly faced in event management of a certain type of event. For example, you can highlight how resources are managed in an entertainment event, i.e. a concert or a gala. You can further evaluate your dissertation by discussing the problems and proposing potential solutions as well.
  • Sports Events Management: This dissertation idea revolves around managing sports events. It can be a sporting event of your choice whether it is a local football tournament or an international cricket league. You can study a single event from many perspectives such as what kind of impact event management thesis left on the audience. You can also discuss if the event management was ethical or not according to the budget and audience response as well.

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    Latest Event Management Research Topics for 2023

    Bachelor The impact of social media on event marketing and promotion: A comparative study of traditional vs digital marketing strategies. New
    Bachelor An investigation into the role of event management in the success of destination marketing: A case study of a selected tourism destination. New
    Bachelor The effects of COVID-19 on the event industry: An analysis of the challenges and opportunities for event management in a post-pandemic world. New
    Bachelor Exploring the importance of sustainability in event management: A case study of events in a selected city.
    Bachelor Investigating the role of technology in enhancing event experiences: A study of the use of virtual and augmented reality in events.
    Bachelor Analyzing the economic impact of events on the host community: A case study of a major sporting event.
    Bachelor Understanding the influence of cultural differences on event planning and management: A comparative study of event management practices in different cultures.
    Masters The role of innovation in event management: An investigation into the use of technology, creativity, and design thinking to enhance event experiences. New
    Masters The impact of event sponsorship on brand awareness and consumer loyalty: A study of the effectiveness of sponsorship strategies in the event industry. New
    Masters Examining the ethical considerations in event management: An analysis of the ethical dilemmas faced by event professionals and the strategies to mitigate them. New
    Masters The influence of stakeholder engagement on the success of mega-events: A case study of the Olympic Games.
    Masters Investigating the role of event management in promoting cultural tourism: A study of the relationship between events, tourism, and culture.
    Masters The effectiveness of event evaluation and measurement: A critical analysis of the methods and metrics used to evaluate the success of events.
    Masters Exploring the potential of green event management: A study of the adoption of sustainable practices in the event industry and the impact on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
    PhD The role of emotions in event experiences: A study of the emotional impact of events on participants and the strategies to design emotionally engaging events. New
    PhD Understanding the decision-making processes of event attendees: An investigation into the factors that influence the decision to attend an event and the strategies to enhance attendee engagement and satisfaction. New
    PhD Examining the role of event management in social and political change: A study of the use of events to promote social and political causes and the ethical considerations of event activism. New
    PhD The impact of digital transformation on the event industry: An analysis of the effects of emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and big data on event planning, management, and marketing.
    PhD Investigating the role of event management in community development: A study of the relationship between events, community building, and economic development in a selected urban or rural area.
    PhD The potential of event design thinking to enhance event innovation: A study of the application of design thinking methodologies to event design and planning.
    PhD Analyzing the cross-cultural differences in event management practices: A comparative study of the cultural factors that influence event planning and management in different regions of the world.

    List of Event Management Dissertation Topics by Professional Event Managers

    Below you can find a lot of interesting Event Management project topics that will capture anyone’s attention easily. Before you select your dissertation topic, make sure that it complies with your interest area as well as the requirements and guidelines set by your supervisor. It will help you minimize the chances of rejection and also help you write your dissertation efficiently.

    Before finalizing the topic, create drafts on each topic you like to have a preview of the dissertation. It will help you choose your final topic easily.

    BBA Influence of Information and Communication technology in Event Management.
    BBA Challenges of information security in Event Management.
    BBA Influence of Covid-19 on Event Management Practices. Assessing the Challenges faced due to SOPS.
    BBA An in-depth review of the management strategies of GRAMMYs 2020 to highlight the necessary measures to take in the future GRAMMYs events.
    BBA Studying the marketing strategy of the Tomorrowland concert 2019 compared to the previous events to find out the revenue difference.
    BBA What are the most common issues in staging and managing marathon races in the United Kingdom compared to the United States that affects the participation rate?
    BBA Highlighting the major challenges faced by event management companies in the United Kingdom while building an effective customer relationship.
    BBA Analyzing the volunteer motivation factors in the mega sporting events of the United States of America
    MBA Studying the event management of the Olympic Games 2012 in the United Kingdom through the visitor’s perspective.
    MBA The role of green practices in organizational event management in the United Kingdom; the negative and positive impacts on the environment
    MBA Investigating the procurement process in the event management consultancy firms in the United Kingdom
    MBA An in-depth analysis of how do event management programs groom students for the event management profession in the United Kingdom.
    MBA Highlighting the impacts of economic and political stability on event management quality in the United Kingdom
    PhD The impact of launch events on the customer purchase decision: A case study of Apple
    PhD Evaluating the impact of event management strategies while building customer relationships: A case study of the Google I/O events
    PhD How inviting/introducing celebrities at the events attracts the audience: A case study of E3 2019
    PhD The scope of studying event management in the United Kingdom: Evaluation of the event management career
    PhD A comparative case study of event management quality between Apple, Google and Microsoft launch events.

    Event Management Dissertation Topics FAQ’s

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    It is possible for a PhD Event Management dissertation to get rejected if it does not meet the academic standards or guidelines set by the institution or the committee. Reasons for rejection could include poor research design, insufficient data, and inadequate literature review, lack of originality, weak analysis, or plagiarism. It is crucial to work closely with the academic advisor or supervisor to ensure the research meets the required standards and guidelines.
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