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Can I fail my MSc nursing dissertation?


There are many factors that could impact your dissertation negatively. Although, you can fail your dissertation but you can resubmit it with the required changes or amendments. But you should always try to avoid such things that can negatively affect your dissertation. One of the many major factors is plagiarism. It is never acceptable to steal or copy anyone’s research topic or material without proper credits. You should avoid plagiarism and try to keep your dissertation authentic and original. Besides plagiarism, you have to be careful about spelling and grammatical errors as well. If you want to score the best marks [...]

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Is it legal to buy a dissertation online?


Not everyone can write a flawless dissertation and that’s why we are here to help you. You can reach to us anytime you want. Our services are completely legal and safe so you can place an order without worrying about anything. All of your data is kept confidential and safe using high-grade encryption programs.

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What is the weight of each chapter in an MSc nursing dissertation?


Each chapter is equally important in a dissertation and it is mandatory to include all chapters. You have to be careful about the weight of each chapter to keep your dissertation in a perfect balance. The perfect weight for each chapter is different. For instance, the Introduction chapter weighs 15% while the Literature Review chapter weighs 30%. The Methodology chapter weighs 10% and the Data Collection and Analysis chapter weigh 30%. At last, the last chapter, the Interpretation + Recommendations chapter weighs 15%. If you are having any trouble with your dissertation then don’t worry. Contact us and get a perfectly [...]

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