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How do I write a perfect graphic designing dissertation?


When writing a graphic design dissertation, make sure to approach it like an art piece. Instead of decorating your research with designs, your words have to be spectacular. The use of scholarly vocabulary and writing about your passion are some of the crucial factors for writing a perfect graphic design dissertation.

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What are the principles of choosing a graphic design dissertation topic?


Choosing a graphic design dissertation topic requires you to highlight a problem. This problem has to be related to your field of research. After this, design a theme of your dissertation. All of this would serve as a base that would guide you in writing your dissertation.

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What is graphic design?


Graphic design is a field of study that focuses on problem-solving through visual cues, iconography, and typography. Basically, graphic designing utilizing visuals and design to assist customers, web users, and app users in navigating and understanding their interface.

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