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Can you edit my IT dissertation in a month?


We have field professionals from the IT industry who are qualified and experienced enough to edit your IT dissertation in a month. However, the editing timeline or duration is directly depending on the number of words of a dissertation. For 25,000 words of IT dissertation, even two weeks are more than enough for editing and even proofreading. We can easily edit your mistakes and enhance the overall quality of your IT dissertation in a month.

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Will you deliver my order on time?


We are in a habit of delivering work on time. With a strict policy of not missing the deadline we have strategized our functions to make the delivery of any order prompt and before time. No matter how short your deadline is we will give our 100% to generate, work and deliver on your doorstep at the promised and mutually agreed time.

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What are your payment methods?


We have the simplest yet most convenient payment methods to ensure the safety of any transaction. Our methods include debit/credit, bank transfer, PayPal, Paynote, whatever suits you from all these. Because transactions from these methods are highly secured by SSL security software.

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Do you have proof-readers for IT dissertation?


Proof-readers on our platform are from different fields of study and discipline. For each department, we have separate quality heads to ensure the proofreading quality of the dissertation and any academic papers. IT department is composed of 4 best IT proof-readers with UK certifications and years of experience in proofreading IT dissertations.

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Does it take long to edit a PhD dissertation?


It highly depends on the number of pages or words of a PhD dissertation. The higher the degree level, the more time it requires to be edited on a professional basis. Mostly it takes 2 weeks to edit a PhD dissertation despite the topic or domain of the study. From our end of experts, editing a PhD dissertation won’t take long and will be done before time.

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How do you proofread an IT dissertation?


The duties of a proof-reader regardless of course discipline is to review the dissertation and make it publication-worthy. Mostly a dissertation is sent after every amendment is made to the proof-reader for a final check to diagnose the quality scale of the dissertation and state if it’s ready to be submitted or official publication. With our panel of expert, It specialists with proofreading experience of more than 5 years can easily proofread your dissertation with our strict checking process which is disclosed on our page in more detail.

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Disclaimer: Kindly note that the work we provide is not the final version, it is research based work which you have to incorporate and edit according to your university requirements.