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Do you charge extra for revisions?


We have a policy of unlimited revisions which means there are no extra charges other than the original charges mentioned. There are hardly minor chances for revision needs but if you found any we will happily fulfil it and give your FREE revisions.

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How long will you take to write my research methodology?


It completely depends on your demand. Whether you want it on an urgent basis or normal days. Simply state your deadline for submission and we will make sure to deliver it before time. You can rely on our prompt delivery service as we are also available for you 24/7 on customer support. Feel free to contact.

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Can you write my research methodology chapter?


We have UK certified researchers who are experienced and qualified to produce an excellent research methodology chapter for you. Regardless of the data nature or topic, our panel of PhD researchers are expert in stitching perfection for your methodology. Covering essentials with the flow of creativity that boosts the reputation of your research is our way of presenting perfection.

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Do you do sampling for methodology?


The sampling technique is a must when you have a target population for your research. The sampling techniques subsides a portion of data from a larger population. It concise it and makes it easy for you to pick the exact kind of data you want for your research. However, when we use a sampling technique in our data for your methodology, it is mentioned by our research writers.

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What is the difference between reliability and validity?


Once you understand what is research methodology in Dissertation, you have to keep check of reliability and validity. Both indicated to how well a method measures. Reliability refers to the consistency of the measure while validity refers to the accuracy of the measure. For a good research methodology, both reliability and validity are important. It enhances your methods and data analysis authenticity on its outcomes and results.

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How do you write a research methodology?


Our UK top methodology experts start with the outline of the methodology sections to be included. After planning each section which needs to be explained in methodology chapters, they start by the most important aspect, the research question. Then the objective of the research and step-by-step follows the headings to be discussed in the research methodology. The type of data collection method should be briefly described, either it is qualitative or quantitative.

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What are the types of research methods?


There are numerous types of research while writing research methodology. Based on methods for collection in research; there are mainly 4 types of research methods. Observational, simulation, derived and experimental. These four types of research methods are used based on the research nature and data collection technique.

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