Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Fashion is an armor that helps people survive the daily struggles of life. It is a growing field that is full of diversity and innovation. If you plan on choosing fashion dissertation topics, then you have embarked on an exciting journey. The world of fashion marketing is full of new learning opportunities, and there are many underlying problems to identify. Therefore the top fashion writers at DissertationWritingHelp have created a list of fashion branding dissertation topics for you to choose from.

Latest Fashion Marketing Dissertation Idea For Your Motivation

Ideation is necessary for creation. Therefore, fashion marketing or fashion design dissertation topics are necessary to generate. Since an idea is merely addressing a lingering problem in the market, it will keep your topic within the frame of the problem. Here is a sample idea drafted by our dissertation specialist.

  • The impact of COVID19 on the marketing plan for the fashion industry.

COVID19 has been the source of canceling many things this year. On this is list is the cancelation of many fashion shows around the world. This has set the fashion industry a step back in terms of marketing, sales, and profits. However, it would take more than a mere virus to stop this industry. Ever since COVID19 had an impact, the fashion industry leveraged this opportunity and made custom masks.

  • Scope Of The Study

The aim of this research is to observe the impact of COVID19 on the fashion marketing industry. With many businesses shutting down due to the pandemic, the fashion industry was one of the market places to generate revenue. This industry rapidly adjusted itself to the virus and launched customized masks. Keeping this in mind, the following research would evaluate the impact of COVID19 in terms of finance marketing an growth.

List Of Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics That Are Trendy!

Fashion marketing is a rapidly changing field. It keeps evolving with time, and so does its marketing strategies. If you want to come up with an extravagant topic that gets quickly validated by your instructor, then take our help. Choose from our list of the best fashion marketing dissertation topics and set yourself apart from the competition.

Bachelors The role of Customer satisfaction in fashion marketing. New
Bachelors Challenges and Opportunities faced by Fashion Bloggers in Fashion Marketing. New
Bachelors Influence of Brand Loyalty on Fashion Marketing. New
Bachelors An evaluation of the change in the fashion industry post-1980s.
Bachelors The acceptance of designer face masks for COVID19, and how did the market respond to it?
Bachelors A critical evaluation of fashion marketing techniques and how they influence the purchase decision of consumers.
Bachelors The targeting strategies for the top fashion brands in the UK. How do these expensive luxury brands maintain sales?
Masters How does Louis Viton maintain its sales by disposing of its unsold products? An in-depth case study.
Masters The adverse effects of economic instability on the sales of high-end luxury fashion brands in the UK.
Masters A literature review study on the fashion revolution brought by Audrey Hepburn. Is it still in trend?
Masters Keeping up with the dynamic nature of the fashion industry. Can new entrants survive in this market?
Masters The power of the fashion industry to close the entry of new businesses.
M.Phil. A critical study on the fashion marketing strategies of high-end luxury brands in the UK.
M.Phil. France, the hub of fashion, where all tings trendy originate. A literature review study of the evolution of fashion marketing.
Ph.D. The history of denim. Why were they made, and how did the fashion industry change its perception?
Ph.D. A critical study of the fashion industry in kidswear. How is it changing?
Ph.D. An evaluation of social media marketing for the fashion industry.
Ph.D. A comparative study between Facebook ads and Google ads. Which generates more revenue?

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Fashion marketing is unique because of its dynamic nature. In conventional and digital marketing, changes are not as frequent as in fashion marketing. With every season comes a new product, and a new strategy is designed for it. Therefore, a fashion marketing dissertation topic is very different from a marketing dissertation.


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