How to Write a Dissertation Proposal Introduction

Students are often stuck in their dissertation proposals. And when they hear that a proposal is required for the submission, they are most likely to freak out as their minds become extremely confused about the dissertation and its proposal. Most students, especially the new ones are unaware of the difference between a proposal and a dissertation. They either consider them the same or two entirely distinctive documents. The answer is yes and no. UK dissertation writers define it as similar to the actual dissertation with the same format and structure. However, the only difference here lies in the length of the two documents. While the actual dissertation is lengthy and highly detailed, its proposal is less than than a quarter of its length.

The Introduction of Proposal

The introduction is the first thing to appear in the dissertation proposal (it’s the “Introduction” obviously). It is the main thing the instructor sees in a proposal when reviewing. Just like a novel must have an interesting introduction to keep the reader gripped, somewhat the same goes for the introduction section of the dissertation as well as its proposal. It’s a crucial part and is a notable section of a proposal document, and therefore must not be taken for granted by the students.

How The Proposal Differs from the Rest Of the parts?

An introduction differs a lot from the other parts, even though it is less complicated. It’s the basic, that is easy as well as the hard part. It is kind of first impression you make while submitting your proposal to the research committee. If that first impression fails to be delivered, it is very less likely that your proposal will be entertained in the process.

When to Write the Proposal’s Introduction

British students always get confused by seeing the proposal as too much complicated. They keep asking their professors for guidance or keep consulting UK dissertation help services for their research project. However, the best time to write the proposal ‘s introduction is when all the rest of the chapters have been written completely. This is important because the introduction part is the easiest as compared to its sibling chapters. Hence when a student is done with the more complicated part, he or she will find it easy in writing down the introduction.

Things to Include in the Introduction Part

The introduction part of a dissertation proposal generally includes the following aspects.
a. Dissertation problem statement
b. A brief study overview
c. Text highlighting the importance
d. Discussing other chapters of the research in a few lines.
NOTE: The order of the introduction text does not necessarily be arranged in the above-mentioned order. They can be more specific and vary depending on the topic and the guidance of the instructor.

Steps of writing a Dissertation Proposal

The following are the steps to successfully writing an authentic and reliable introduction section of a dissertation proposal.

Writing a Conceptual Background

The conceptual background is the story of the research, the process which led to the thinking of this idea. A conceptual background widely contains previous researches done regarding the topic along with their finds. Each research statement hardly crosses 3 lines. The statements should be clear and should be taken from reliable sources of information. A rich detailed background will create a positive impression on the instructor regarding the efforts put into.

Writing A Concise Problem Statement

A problem statement is where you mention a gap that needs to be filled, a problem that you address, and therefore planning this research. This has t be written right after the background. IT should be comprehendible. Do right in a formal writing format but do not apply advanced language, it should be simple and in a decent manner. The problem statement is where the committee will realize the need for this research. The more clear and justified your problem statement is, the more likely the proposal is to be accepted.

Stating Objectives of Research

Right after the problem statement, comes the objectives of the research. This body paragraph consists of the goals of the whole dissertation. It describes what problems the research aims to solve. Many UK students mix the objectives with the problem statement which is a massive blunder. The objectives of research must be the goal of directing towards the problem statement, not the problem statement itself. The more important the objective sounds, the more chances of your proposal getting accepted by the board. You will need to write the purpose of this research by judging the problem statement before.

Mentioning Questions

The problem questions are to be mentioned next. They should not be lengthy and should be focusing on the dependent and the independent variables of the dissertation. These questions carry great significance as the methodologies will be designed concerning these problem statements. It is suggested to make them succinct and highly specific.

Making a Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework is to be made right after the problem statements. They generally are represented graphically and display a relation between the dependent and the independent variables. By looking at the conceptual framework, your instructor can have a clearer sense of how the problem statements were created.

Emphasizing Your Study’s Significance

Every study at the end of they is focused on how it will improve a particular field, how it will be effective if accepted to be conducted. Explaining how your research project will help in society or academics is a crucial part of the proposal’s introduction. This will create a lasting impact on the board members and they will most probably accept your dissertation proposal.


Students often get confused while making the introduction section of a dissertation or thesis proposal and tend to opt for help with the dissertation service. It is a structured process and requires several important elements to be highlighted. With the above proper guidelines and steps, students can write a proper introduction for their proposal with ease and without any perplexity.

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