Best Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics for Top-Grade Dissertations

A lot of students suffer from peer pressure, stress, anxiety and other similar mental health issues while working on their dissertations. Finding interesting Knowledge Management dissertation topics can be very stressful and that’s why we are giving you a list of topics to help you out.

Interesting Knowledge Management Dissertation Ideas by Subject Matter Experts

Before we jump into the list of dissertation topics. We are going to share some amazing Knowledge Management dissertation ideas from our professional dissertation writers. These ideas are completely open-ended and can help you craft many dissertation topics as well.

  • Knowledge Management System(s): The aim of this dissertation is to study and discuss different Knowledge Management software programs.  For instance, you can choose any knowledge management software program and then discuss its pros and cons as well as its usage model. It is recommended to have a sneak-peak into such programs by yourself so that you can have first-hand knowledge about them. You can evaluate your dissertation by comparing different Knowledge Management software programs as well.
  • Corporate-Level Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management is majorly used in the corporate level so creating a dissertation topic around that could be very beneficial. You can cover various aspects of the implementation of Knowledge Management software programs into corporations. For instance, you can discuss how employees are dependent on these programs and how does it help increasing the productivity.

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    List of Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics to Intrigue Your Professors

    Before you take a sneak-peak of the Knowledge Management dissertation topics list, here are some tips for you.

    Always shortlist as many topics as you can and make drafts on each topic. It will give you a preview of the topics which will help you see the potential outcomes of the topics. Besides that, make sure to create a topic that is within your area of interest as well as it complies with the guidelines you’ve been communicated as well.

    BBA Critically analyzing the impact of Knowledge Management on the organizations in third world countries compared to first world countries.
    BBA Are automated Knowledge Management software programs making trainers and training sessions obsolete? An analysis of the corporate sector of the United Kingdom
    BBA How Knowledge Management programs are the best way to transfer knowledge from one medium to another in the corporate sector? An in-depth analysis.
    BBA What are the best sources to look for information while creating content for the new employees to improve Knowledge Management in an organization? A literature review
    BBA An analysis of data warehousing to discuss its benefits in the medicinal industry of the United Kingdom
    MBA How an organization can generate profit by data warehousing? A critical case study of a law firm in the United Kingdom
    MBA Highlighting the impact of the internet of things (IoT) on innovation and knowledge management capacity of the organizations in the United States of America.
    MBA How the relationship between knowledge management practices and knowledge worker performance affect the employee commitment? A case study of a small business in the United Kingdom
    MBA What is the relationship between knowledge management processes and sustainable? Explaining its impacts on the competitive advantage in private business schools of the United States.
    MBA The role of strategic knowledge management while manufacturing a law firm’s performance in the United Kingdom
    PhD A case study of British Petroleum to understand how knowledge management impacts company performance.
    PhD Evaluating the application and benefits of Knowledge Management on the employee training sessions in an organization.
    PhD How being completely dependent on the Knowledge Management software programs can limit an employee from showing their full potential? An analysis to identify the impacts of employee retaining their abilities on the organization.
    PhD How Knowledge Management software programs helped remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic around the world? An analysis of an IT solutions providing firm in the United Kingdom
    PhD What are the managerial concerns and issues in knowledge management and their impact on organizations performance? A case study of Sainsbury during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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