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A MA education dissertation idea will not miraculously appear in front of you. There is a lot of thought process and research that does into it. If you want to avoid the trouble of going through the literature, check out our sample dissertation idea for inspiration.

  • The role of social stratification in influencing teachers and their methods

Social stratification is eating our society. The misuse of power and money has taken roots in all the sectors of society, and its influence is causing disruption. In the education system, it is often observed that students from a high class are considered better than others. This is due to the political power or wealth they possess. The teachers, on the other hand, are biased for such students on their own accord or, in some cases, biasness arises from the pressure of management.

  • Scope of The Study

The aim of this research is to understand the influence of social stratification on the education system. This study would provide a measure of how much the influence has corrupted our educational institutes and what consequences does it bring. The research would aim to achieve these results in contrast with the teachers of the institutes where social stratification has taken its roots.

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    Analyzing the anxieties of parents in sending their children to school at an early age.
    Evaluating the role of teachers in developing student personalities at an early stage.
    The significance of independent teaching methods in helping students focus on self-learning.
    Understanding the perspective of teachers on authoritarian leadership in classrooms.
    Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of school uniform. Does it remove inequality or takes away the right to dress?
    A critical study of classroom apps that facilitate the learning process. Is it helpful, or just another distraction?
    Evaluating the best age to expose children to technology in the education system.
    The importance of teaching life skills in schools. Factors for not implementing this sooner.
    An evaluation of the education system curriculum and how it has failed the students in the United Kingdom.
    A critical evaluation of homework and how it destroys a student’s social life in the United Kingdom.
    Highlighting the traits of quality teachers in high schools and primary schools of the United Kingdom
    An assessment of the barriers to opportunities for teachers when switching schools in the United Kingdom.
    Analyzing the adverse effects of emotional attachment with handicapped students.
    Evaluating capstone projects and how they help students in their professional lives?
    Building an understanding between teachers and parents. How does it boost a student’s academic performance?

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