The Role of Leadership Training in Enhancing Governmental Productivity and Developing e-Governance- A Focus on Vision 2040 Leadership Training in Oman.

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The implementation of e-government brings rapid change in the management and administration of public. The e-government mechanism is referred as institutional because it drives efficiency for the improved delivery of public services with enhanced quality. However, to enrich the productivity of the government authorities there is a significant need of effective leadership. Therefore, the current research will be carried out to assess the role of leadership training in developing e-government with a focus on the Vision 2040 Leadership Training in Oman. It is examined in the study that, training polishes the skills of employees and motivates them to be committed to the work. Effective leadership in government sectors contribute to better employees performance, augment the excellence of public operations and strengthen its functions to deal with unforeseen circumstances. In this study, qualitative research design will be adopted and data collection will be attempted through primary and secondary sources. Interviews will be conducted from 20 reliable participants for primary data collection whereas secondary data will be obtained by published articles and books, etc. Thematic analysis was used as the tool to analyse interview transcripts.