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Outstanding Physical Education Dissertation Idea To Draw inspiration

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  • The importance of physical training classes on the mental well-being of students in the UK

Physical Training classes or better known as PT, are extra activities students are required to enroll during their high school. Since the USA is in the top 10 countries for obesity, educational institutes ensure students have a healthy body. Moreover, PT also refreshes the mind by diverting from academics.

  • Scope of The Study

The objective of this study is to highlight the importance of PT classes in high schools. There is a dire need for students to relax and refresh their minds. That is why educational institutes have introduced this course. However, is it okay to make it mandatory? This is the aim of the study to analyze whether PT classes have a positive effect on the mental well-being of students. This research would also provide a discussion on the point that whether PT classes are a significant reason for bullying or not.

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    List Of Physical Education Dissertation Topics By Subject Experts

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    Type Subject
    Bachelors Understanding the significance of gym class in helping students stay healthy.
    Bachelors The role of PT teachers in keeping a check on bullying.
    Bachelors Explaining the importance of physical activities and how it maintains metabolism.
    Bachelors Identifying the issues faced by PT teachers in maintain discipline.
    Masters Evaluating the employment scope of Pt teachers and their salary packages in high schools.
    Masters Identifying the significance of computer-based fitness programs on student fitness score in the United Kingdom.
    Masters An investigative study on the benefits of practical blood flow restriction training in the UK.
    Masters PT classes: Keeping students fit or giving a chance for toxic masculinity to grow.
    M.Phil. Invasion of privacy in PT class. A literature review study on how students feel sharing shower rooms.
    M.Phil. An in-depth study of the impacts of un-expected training on an untrained student.
    M.Phil. Eliminating gender biases through PT classes. A case study on why girls don’t have sports teams in schools?
    M.Phil. A comparative study between the different models of physical training in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. Physical fitness exercise and core muscle development. Identifying the relationship between the two.
    Ph.D. Man Vs. Machine: comparing computer-based instruction with teacher-directed PT classes.
    Ph.D. Analyzing the physical response of over-weight students to high-intensity training in the United Kingdom.

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