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Crafting dissertation topics on project management can give you a hard time. You have to research for months before you could finalize on one topic. A lot of students can’t bear the pressure of selecting project management topics and hence they either drop out or get some help online.

If you are looking for some interesting BBA and MBA dissertation topics in Project Management then you are at the right place. Here you can find a list of interesting dissertation topics crafted by field experts.

Intriguing Project Management Dissertation Ideas to Impress the Readers

Brainstorming can help you out of many problems and choosing dissertation topics for project management easily. If you don’t have anyone to brainstorm for some interesting dissertation topics in Project Management and generate ideas then you can go over these amazing ideas below.

  • Impact of COVID-19: The objective of this dissertation idea is to highlight the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the project management industry. You can select any specific category such as construction project management or msc project management dissertation topics just for instance. You can analyze and then define the necessary measures required for improving strategies. This one of the best project management topics for dissertation can be very diverse and you can mould it to your interests easily.
  • Project Management Software: The aim of this dissertation topic idea is to analyze the impact of project management software programs in making project management easier. For instance, you can study Scrum’s history and debate why it is better than other similar software programs available. Besides that, you can also compare between different software programs and highlight each’s significance in project management. This topic can also be used as one of the engineering project management dissertation topics perfectly.

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    List of Project Management Dissertation Topics Approved by Field Experts

    If you are looking for interesting topics for your Project Management dissertation then you don’t have to look anywhere anymore. Below you can find a list of eye-catching Project Management dissertation topics for free. You can grab as many topics as you want and start making drafts right now.

    BBA Highlighting the significance of the managerial process within the broad spectrum of project management in the United Kingdom
    BBA Case study of the evolution and development of Project management in South East Asian construction industry.
    BBA A critical analysis of the relationship between project management and project success in the education industry of the United Kingdom
    BBA A comparative study to highlight the similarities and differences in project management practices across the world.
    BBA What are the potential possibilities of competitive advantage in project management in 2020? A critical analysis.
    MBA How remote teams in the near future can help speed up processes in the construction project management?
    MBA What are the impacts of artificial intelligence on the overall dynamics of a project management workspace? An in-depth analysis
    MBA Why resource management is gaining importance? A critical analysis to highlight the
    MBA How project management offices tend to change as they continue to evolve into a bigger business? A critical analysis of a project management firm in the United Kingdom
    MBA What are the benefits of using cloud servers in place of internal solutions and what are the most common types of cloud servers? A critical analysis.
    PHD A discussion on the importance of justification of software development methodologies.
    PHD Highlighting the best project management practices in the American healthcare sector.
    PHD A critical analysis of projects risks assessment strategies in UK’s medicine sector.
    PHD What is the importance of having strategic roles in project management office on employee behaviour and productivity
    PHD Analyzing the importance of project management in law firms in the United Kingdom

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    You can fail your MBA dissertation but fortunately you can always resubmit your dissertation with the required amendments or fixes. Although you should avoid common mistakes while writing your dissertation which are plagiarism and grammatical errors. Both of these mistakes can get your dissertation rejected immediately.
    The referencing styles/methods can differ from one university/college or even student to another. The referencing styles are usually communicated by the professor or the supervisor so you should ask them for assistance in regards to that. Although a few very common referencing styles are APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, and Harvard. Chances are you will have to use one of these styles for reference.
    There are five chapters in a dissertation. You have to structure each of the chapters carefully according to the requirements. The first chapter is Introduction, second is Literature Review, third is Methodology, fourth is Data Collection & Analysis, and the final chapter is Interpretations + Recommendations. These five chapters should be structured in the chronological order respectively.
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