Quality Management Dissertation Topics for High-Scoring Dissertations

Crafting compelling Quality Management dissertation topics might seem like an easy task until you start to do it. It can take you weeks or even months of hard work before you get close to finalizing a dissertation topic.

If you’re also struggling to craft an impressive dissertation topic, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Below you can find a list of Quality Management dissertation topics and some ideas to help you craft your topics.

Quality Management Dissertation Ideas for Custom Dissertation Topics

Before you start picking up the Quality Management dissertation topics, you should take a break and have a brainstorming session with someone else or by yourself. That is because when you create dissertation topics within the area of your interest, you will stay motivated during the research and writing process.

To help you craft some trending and customized dissertation topics, we are going to give you a few interesting Quality Management dissertation ideas.

  • Customer Satisfaction: This dissertation idea aims to study and highlight the correlation of customer satisfaction with the quality management practices implied by organizations or corporations. For instance, you can conduct a comparative research on different fast-food chains in the United Kingdom to study their quality management strategies to evaluate the impacts of such strategies on customer satisfaction. You can then propose what quality management strategies should be implied by such fast-food chains as well.
  • Quality Management Systems: The objective of this dissertation is to study and highlight the role, benefits and issues of implementations of quality management systems in a particular sector. For instance, you can discuss how implementing AI could be beneficial for the quality management in various sectors (or any particular sector) in the United Kingdom.

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    If any dissertation idea hasn’t crossed your mind yet then don’t worry. We have got you covered with a list of best Quality Management dissertation topics you will ever find. Although, it is recommended to shortlist any many topics as you want and then create drafts on each of them. It can be very beneficial for you and help you choose the best topic. You can grab as many topics as you want from the list below and modify them according to your interests and passion.

    Type Topic
    BBA A statistical review of the applicability of the principles of quality management in the retail industry of the United Kingdom.
    BBA A case study of KFC chain in the United Kingdom to explore the possible barriers in implementing quality management systems.
    BBA A case study of Apple to find the customer satisfaction rate in the United Kingdom in correlation to the quality of the products.
    BBA A critical case study of amazon to highlight the possible issues that can occur with the removal of quality management systems.
    MBA An in-depth study of the impacts of customer relationship management and customer knowledge on service quality.
    MBA How the healthcare industry in the United Kingdom can benefit from quality management systems? A statistical review.
    MBA An evaluation of effective quality management policy. What factors should be considered when developing a quality management policy for a B2B business in the United Kingdom.
    MBA An analysis of the effectiveness of the implementations of quality management systems in the textile industry in the United States of America.
    MBA How McDonald’s manage product quality in the United Kingdom? A critical analysis.
    PhD An investigative study to highlight the correlation between customer satisfaction and service quality in the textile industry of the United Kingdom.
    PhD Assessing the impacts of customer knowledge and customer relationship management on service quality. A case study of the fast-food industry in the United Kingdom.
    PhD How human resource department can be affected by quality management? A case study of the retail sector of the United Kingdom
    PhD Evaluating the role of the quality management department in cost reduction and profits maximization in an IT house based in the United Kingdom.
    PhD  A comparative study between corporates and family-owned business in the United Kingdom to explore the role and impacts of quality management in generating sales.

    Quality Management Dissertation Topics FAQ’s

    Universally, there are 5 chapters in a dissertation except for a few cases. So if you haven’t gotten any guideline about the dissertation chapters then you should proceed to structure your dissertation with 5 chapters. The first chapter of a dissertation is the Introduction chapter, the second is the Literature Review chapter, third is the Methodology chapter. Afterwards, the fourth chapter is the Data Collection & Analysis while the fifth and final chapter is the Interpretations + Recommendations chapter.
    There are a hundred ways to write anything interestingly and we have a team expert at it. If you want to impress a reader with your dissertation, your only way is the introduction chapter. It has to express your aims and objectives of your dissertation as well. Making your introduction dramatic can confuse the reader, make sure to avoid it.
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