Sales Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Sales Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Sales and marketing are common disciplines that slightly differ from one another. It can often get confusing when drafting a sales dissertation topic because this subject is closely related to marketing. But you don’t have to worry! At DissertationWritingHelp, we have Ph.D. professional to help you find the perfect topic for your dissertation.

Trending Sales Dissertation Idea To Help You Get Started

Ideation is the first step towards generating a topic. However, coming up with a dissertation idea is not for everyone. You might spend days reading books to come up with a topic that won’t help. To find the best sales dissertation idea, you need to sit in the company of people working in this industry. However, you can avoid the hassle and enjoy our free dissertation idea.

  • Measuring the impact of branding on the customer purchase decision.

Branding plays a significant role in determining the price of your product. Companies that flawlessly land branding strategies have seen long term success. Such companies are then referred to as brands. These brands upscale their prices based on their goodwill in the market. Moreover, the brand’s target audience has no age limit. You would notice that even a 6-year-old boy knows what Ferrari is. This is correct branding.

  • The Scope Of The Study

The researcher’s aim is to determine whether branding plays an essential role in boosting the sales performance of an organization. Or does it trap an organization to follow specific rules to manage its reputation? Moreover, the objective of the research would also focus on the fact that overpriced products are due to brands cashing out on their value. Does it have any impact on the economies of scale?

List Of Sales Dissertation Topics With Substantial Literature Review

Whenever you choose a sales dissertation topic, make sure it has a substantial literature review. Otherwise, the collection of data and interpretation would be extremely challenging. You can easily avoid the hassle of generating your own topic and pick one from our list.

BBA The significance of brand loyalty in online retail businesses. A case study on Amazon.
BBA The importance of relationship-building for a salesperson in an organization.
BBA The contribution of the sales department in creating brand loyalty.
MBA The impact of social media on the sales department. How difficult is it to become a virtual salesperson.
MBA A measurement of the effectiveness of the sales department in building long-lasting relationships.
MBA An in-depth investigation of the key differences between digital sales and physical sales.
M.Phil. The effect of culture on the marketing model of MNC in the United Kingdom.
M.Phil. The impact of celebrity endorsement in improving or destroying the brand image.
M.Phil. The impacts of an increasing number of eCommerce stores on the sales of physical stores. Has consumer preference entirely shifted?
M.Phil. A detailed study of the sales tactics involved in handling expensive luxury products.
Ph.D. An investigation of the sales techniques used in the promotion of weaponry in the UK.
Ph.D. The impact of customer reviews on the growth of an organization in the UK.
Ph.D. The role of sales representation in the tobacco industry.
Ph.D. An evaluation of SMS marketing. Is it the end of an era?

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