What is Dissertation Introduction?

The first chapter of any dissertation is the ‘Introduction’. As the name suggests, it introduces the reader to your dissertation in order to comprehend what you are trying to answer or the issue you are trying to resolve.


Why Introduction is Mandatory for Dissertation?

Introduction is imperative for any research as it ensures the following things:

  • It initially enables the reader of the background information which puts in the context of your dissertation.
  • It illuminates your dissertation’s focus.
  • It demonstrates your dissertation’s value.
  • It determines your dissertation’s aim and objectives.

How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

It is equally important to draw attention of the reader to your dissertation, therefore, it is indefensible for a researcher to provide the reader with clear direction, purpose, and focus. Hence, the introduction must include;

  • Topic and context: it enables the reader to understand your dissertation.
  • Focus and scope: It addresses the explicit feature of your dissertation topic.
  • Relevance and importance: It shows the reader how you fit in the current work of the topic.
  • Questions and objectives: It shows what dissertation intents to determine and how.
  • Overview of the structure: It explains the overall aim of each chapter of dissertation.

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