Branding is a sub-category of marketing that is undergoing significant growth during the pandemic. As more and more businesses are moving online, they need brand managers to maintain their digital reputation. In this case, it is best to choose a branding dissertation topic for your graduation. However, if you can’t decide on a topic, then take one from our list.

Best Branding Dissertation Idea That Is Well Structured

An idea is the first step towards topic generation. Ideation acts as a base for all your creativity. If you have a strong branding dissertation idea, then your topic generation would revolve around it. Moreover, it would serve as a barrier that would let you know when you are straying away from the main point. A dissertation idea is merely highlighting a problem in your field of research and finding relevant information on it.

  • The contribution of online reviews in creating a positive brand image of a physical store

The brand is a baby. It grows with time and develops a complete personality. Because of this, people can relate to a product or service. In actuality, consumers are relating to the brand image instead of the product or service. This is the power of branding that can make people feel a connection. However, do online reviews contribute to building or destroying a brand image?

  • The scope of the study

The aim of this topic is to address the importance of online reviews for physical stores. There are many ways to review services online. You can give a Google review or Facebook rating. However, the main question is whether online reviews affect the brand image of a physical store? Moreover, if the brand image is jeopardized, the sales would go down. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze whether there is a relationship between online reviews and physical store brand image and sales.

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    List Of Branding Dissertation Topics That Grabs Attention

    The branding dissertation topic you choose for your graduation must be catchy. All the requirements from your instructor set aside, an attention-grabbing topic always sells! That is why a student with enticing topics are the ones who score the highest grades. If you can’t come up with a thrilling topic, here is a list of spectacular topics for you.

    BBA Impact of brand image in affecting consumer behavior in the UK.
    BBA An investigative study about brand colors and how it triggers an emotional appeal
    BBA The significance of brand voice in helping consumers relate to the brand.
    BBA An in-depth study of brand psychology. Is it ethical to pursue customers on an emotional level?
    MBA An analysis of the challenges faced in building a brand reputation in the digital age.
    MBA Evaluating the difference in branding for B2B business and B2C. Which is easier?
    MBA An investigation of the 4 P’s of marketing and how they facilitate the branding process.
    M.Phil. An in-depth analysis of nostalgia and how brands sell it to consumers.
    M.Phil. The impact of brand management in the fast-food industry.
    M.Phil. The significance of socializing and building relationships that assist It cultivating a brand image.
    Ph.D. The effects of the brand manager’s personality on the brand image of a newly established organization.
    Ph.D. The significance of branding for small scale businesses in the UK.
    Ph.D. An analysis of the impacts of branding mistakes on the sale of an organization. A case study on Marlboro
    Ph.D. The impacts of choosing the wrong brand ambassador and its effect on brand identity. A case study on MRF.

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    What is a brand?2020-09-16T09:42:37+00:00

    A brand is like a baby that grows with time. It is an artificial human that has personality and preferences. A brand has its own set of colors and voices. Organizations build brands to help their target audience build a connection and relate to the product or service.

    What is the difference between a marketing dissertation topic and a branding dissertation topic?2020-09-16T09:39:23+00:00

    Since branding is a part of marketing, students can’t differentiate between them. However, it is crucial to understand that branding is a subset of marketing. So, a branding dissertation topic would cater to the techniques and strategies involved in creating a brand image.

    What is the best approach to choosing a branding dissertation topic?2020-09-16T09:27:49+00:00

    A branding dissertation topic should be enticing. It should be creative and address the issues that exist within the market. A brand topic can also be an analysis of different branding techniques used in the top organization of your country.

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