Top PhD Nursing Dissertation Topics by Industry Leaders

Finding interesting PhD nursing dissertation topics could be very difficult. If you are one of many students struggling to finalize an attractive dissertation topic, then you are in the right place!

We are going to give an essentially great list of PhD nursing dissertation topics to help you ace your dissertation. You have to be very careful and precise while choosing your dissertation topic. That is because your whole PhD depends on your dissertation.

Best PhD Nursing Dissertation Ideas for Attractive Dissertation Topics

Before we reveal the list of best topics for your PhD nursing dissertation, we are going to give you a few PhD nursing dissertation ideas. These dissertation ideas will help you create your own custom topics easily.

The following PhD nursing dissertation ideas are open-ended. It means that you can play around with them and create the best custom dissertation topics for yourself.

  • Pediatric Nursing: The goal of this dissertation idea is to study pediatric nursing in all aspects. For example, you can study and discuss what kind of measurements should be taken while looking after children suffering from various conditions/diseases/syndromes. For instance, you can study the strategies implied while looking after children suffering from bronchitis as compared to the strategies implied while looking after children suffering from the common cold. Other than that, you can explore the pediatric nursing subject and analyze different stages of pediatric nursing. You can also compare pediatric nursing strategies and techniques between infants, toddlers, adolescents, and young adults as well.
  • Emergency Nursing: This dissertation idea aims to discuss and highlight nursing strategies, problems, and their solutions in emergencies. For instance, you can study what are the common issues in an emergency ward. Besides that, you can discuss how nurses have to be prepared mentally to deal with the medical emergency situations. In contrast to that, you can study how nurses with emergency training can be beneficial in certain cases.

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    Interesting PhD Nursing Dissertation Topics for Astonishing Dissertation

    Our dissertation ideas are very essential to make a lot of dissertation topics. However, if you are unable to make some interesting topics, then don’t worry because we have got a list of amazing PhD nursing dissertation topics for you.

    You can grab as many PhD nursing dissertation topics from the massive list below and start making drafts. These topics are completely free to use. if you have any questions regarding any of the topics, you can reach out to us through the live chat. Our professionals are available to help you 24/7.

    Ph.D. Highlighting the issues and risks in the clinical management of elderly patients in the intensive care unit.
    Ph.D. Studying the role of the psychosocial treatment of drug dependence in prisons in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. A critical study in public health to highlight the social impacts of AIDS
    Ph.D. Analysing the public health policies for controlling obesity in children in the United States of America
    Ph.D. Studying the importance of treating mental health difficulties in teenagers in the United Kingdom by combining psychological and complementary therapies.
    Ph.D. Highlighting the role and impact of occupational safety and health in medical clinics in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. How Increasing work pressure can cause health concerns in adults and what measurements should be taken immediately to avoid major health problems? An in-depth analysis.
    Ph.D. A comparative of the impact of second-hand smoke on public health in the United Kingdom as compared to China.
    Ph.D. A quantitative study of the sanitary hygiene practices for developing countries.
    Ph.D. A case study of the consequences of incorrect acute pain treatment of an elderly patient in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. What are the primary causes of cerebrovascular accidents leading to an adult’s brain cells’ damage? A case study based on accident history in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. Highlighting the importance of community nursing for the care of the elderly suffering from dementia in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. The role of policies and approaches laid by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in understanding child development in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. Reviewing the impacts of implementation of evidence-based nursing practice as models in the United Kingdom.
    Ph.D. Analyzing the major environmental health risks in the United States of America as compared to the United Kingdom.

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    You can fail your dissertation but fortunately you can resubmit your dissertation with the required changes. But it doesn’t mean you should be careless about your dissertation. There are many factors that can affect your dissertation negatively. For instance, plagiarism and grammar/spelling errors can enrage any reader/checker to completely reject your dissertation. You have to avoid such things to ace your dissertation.
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