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A lot of students struggle to create interesting International Business dissertation topics 2021 especially. If you are looking for a list of business and international marketing dissertation topics that can help you get the best grades then you don’t have to look anywhere else. We are presenting you with a list of topics for your International Business Management dissertation crafted by miraculously talented dissertation experts.

Captivating International Business Management Dissertation Ideas for Intriguing Dissertation Topics

We are giving you a list of topics shortly but before that, we are going to give some open-ended dissertation topics for international business management. The aim of these ideas is to motivate you to craft your own dissertation topics. That is because brainstorming can be miraculous if done right.

You can craft as many topics as you can using these ideas. Make sure that you are keeping your interests as well as the guidelines and instructions from your teachers in your mind as well while crafting dissertation topics in international business and other subjects too. Being certain about your instructions will help you kick start your research as well.

  • Small and Big International Businesses Management: The objective of this dissertation idea is to study the management strategies of business and then comparing them with other similar but a smaller or bigger business model. For instance, you can select discuss the business management strategies of Gucci or freight forwarding company in comparison with another international fashion business or logistics company in a smaller scale. You can discuss specific strategies and their impacts on the sales, employee retention or turnover rate, relationship between employees and employers, and other similar aspects as well.
  • Scope of Study: The aim of this dissertation idea is to discuss the benefits of studying business management in a certain region. For instance, you can discuss career opportunities studying international business management in the United Kingdom. You can further evaluate your discussion with statistics and proofs to show the success rate of people pursuing a certain career in the respective field.

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    Moving on from the brilliant ideas from our professionals, the list of custom International Business Management dissertation topics curated by our professional researchers is going to be yours.  Before that, we’d like to give you some tips that will help you choose the perfect dissertation topic.

    First of all, grab as many topics as you can from the list below that peak your interest. After you have shortlisted the International Business Management dissertation topics, create multiple drafts for each of the topics and then finalize on the best topic that suits you as well as meets the criteria set by your teachers.

    BBA Competitive advantages and challenges of Conventional banking in international business New
    BBA Opportunities and Challenges of Social media as a data gathering tool for international business. New
    BBA The impact of international business education on career success. New
    BBA A study of the knowledge and power management in international business management.
    BBA Studying the role of the banking system and common security challenges within an internationally mobile system of transactions in the United Kingdom.
    BBA What is the role of Blockchain in mitigating corruption in international trade? An in-depth analysis of the eCommerce sector of the United Kingdom
    BBA Highlighting the risks and benefits of an International joint Venture of multiple corporations in the United Kingdom.
    BBA A critical analysis of the business strategies and key success factors of Financial Holding Companies in the international environment of the
    MBA What is the impact of culture on international business management? A case study of the restaurant industry of the United Kingdom
    MBA An analysis to highlight why some vendor relationships are more successful than others in the Fashion industry of the United Kingdom.
    MBA Case study of Instagram in boosting international sales for small business through affiliate marketing in the United Kingdom.
    MBA Case study of Samsung’s management strategies while launching flagship phones in the United Kingdom compared to their strategies in Brazil.
    MBA Case study of Qatar Airways’ joint venture with the International Airlines Group to highlight the  effects in the customer retention
    PhD An analysis of the risk management strategies applied by the fast-food industry under exceptional circumstances such as COVID-19 pandemic in the United States of America
    PhD Highlighting the role of women in the managing the international fashion industry from the corporates based in the United Kingdom.
    PhD A comparative analysis of the Pepsi marketing strategies between the United Kingdom and India
    PhD What are the factors that attract businesses to Halal food certification in the non-vegan or non-Muslim countries? Is obtaining a Halal food certification affects the sales internationally?  A case study of Samyang, a Korean ramen brand.
    PhD A critical analysis to highlight the impact of technological innovation on international business management practices in the United States of America.

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