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Engineering revolves around concepts and theories of mathematics and sciences to discover and invent new stuff. As the definition suggests, the field is not that easy to manage especially for students who do not go well with either mathematics or sciences or both.

Another challenge for engineering students nowadays is writing an Engineering dissertation for which, they have to come up with a topic by themselves. As such, they have to check out a number of Engineering Dissertation Topics before they can finalize that perfect topic. And here, at HWD we provide you with the right engineering dissertation examples on-hand!

What goes in an Engineering Dissertation?

Like any other dissertation, an Engineering dissertation consists of the following main five chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Methodologies
  4. Findings/Analysis
  5. Conclusion

The chapters can vary according to the requirements of the institute and of the preferences of your teacher. The first step however is producing a dissertation topic after following through a series of steps.

How Can an Engineering Student Make a Well-Defined Topic?

Just as writing an Engineering dissertation is a long task, choosing or making a well-defined topic is not easy either. Here are a few tips that you as an engineering student can use to narrow down a topic for yourself:

  1. Go through areas that interest you
  2. Choose something out of the blue
  3. Be specific with your ideas
  4. Do not go too specific with your ideas
  5. Perform hefty research
  6. Be realistic with your ideas
  7. Ask help from an experienced person

Before an engineering student starts writing their dissertation, they have to contemplate their areas of interest and then read across lots of literature related to it. The purpose of reading all that literature is to find out some research gaps or unresolved problems.

These research gaps and unresolved problems can serve as the basis for your research aims and objectives, which finally give shape to your actual topic. The topic that you make should not be extremely broad or extremely specific.

Your topic should give you enough room to let you cover your ideas and main points in detail while not going too here and there and deviating the focus away.

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    A Few Engineering Dissertation Topics for You!

    To help you in researching better and for narrowing down your topic fast, we have listed some free engineering dissertation topics just for you!

    You can use these get an idea for your dissertation or you can use them as per your convenience. In any way, you will definitely benefit from our free library of engineering dissertation topics!

    1. Analysis of the Gaussian Pulse and how its improvement can cause a reduction in errors.
    2. Preparative purifications of biopharmaceuticals using Nano-structured membranes.
    3. Discussing the in-depth boundaries of electrical signals with regards to usage in current electronics (communication) systems.
    4. Measuring the generation of heat from solar panels by developing sensors.
    5. Designing and developing a pressure for a solar thermal panel.
    6. An analysis of the effects of the aviation industry on the environment and what potential ways can be used for reducing them.
    7. Analysing the issues that act as a hindrance in the realisation of cutting-edge technology in order to reduce carbon emissions from automobiles.
    8. An in-depth investigation and detailed review into the best practices for implementing information technology in modern day organisations.
    9. A comprehensive evaluation and investigation into the key issues and challenges facing rechargeable lithium batteries.
    10. Discussing the techniques for improving processes for identifying and removing waste in the automotive industry.
    11. Discussing the development of a compact device in order to measure the energy consumed by a household.
    12. Identifying the methods by which efficient control systems that use information systems can be introduced for studying the energy usage in a machining factory.
    13. Understanding the definition of carbon credits and the methods through which organisations can generate them.
    14. An in-depth discussion of the validity of the Just-In-Time method by measuring the losses that occur with the implementation of the method.
    15. Understanding the effects of globalisation on the supply chain engineering and supply chain management for large-scale multinational companies.
    16. Considering all kinds of researches for identifying e-waste and its reduction methods and systems by using strategies from IT.
    17. A discussion on the development of a system for studying the efficiency of motors for the purpose of reducing kWh usage.
    18. Detailed analysis of researched performed for studying metering techniques in order to improve and control efficiency.
    19. Integrating smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks for accessing real-time data.
    20. Discussing the development of sustainable homes that utilise renewable energy sources.
    21. An in-depth review of sustainable buildings in developing countries and the barriers as well as drivers to their development.
    22. Developing competitive advantage in engineering organisations and sustaining them for a longer time.
    23. The pivotal role employed by engineers in the management of development in emerging countries.
    24. Research for studying the management of engineering projects and various risks involved with them.
    25. The development of embedded communication system for the national grid for the purpose of optimising energy usage.

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