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Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world. In the United Kingdom, instructors at College or University are highly paid. However, becoming an instructor requires a Masters or Doctorate level degree in education. Moreover, your graduation would depend on the dissertation you produce at the end of your academic career. Therefore, finding a compelling dissertation ideas education topic is necessary!

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Coming up with dissertation topics in education is not easy. Keep in mind that your dissertation would reflect your skills as a researcher. Therefore, many students fail to generate good education dissertation ideas, where they can dig out an ample amount of information. Don’t worry! With DissertationWritingHelp on your side, you can take help from our sample idea.

  • The impact of online education on the performance of teachers in the United Kingdom:

COVID19 shook our ground realities and made us realize that we are advanced, but we do not accept change. When the education industry took to digitalized solutions, its significant impacts were faced by teachers. The majority of educators were not equipped with the tools and skills to conduct online classes. This led to an adverse impact on teaching standards and, ultimately, on the academic performance of students. This is one of the best dissertation topics education students can use!

  • Scope of The Study:

The aim of this research is to analyze the impacts of COVID19 on the performance of the teacher in terms of online education. The research would measure the loss of academics and learning opportunities for students. This research would also shed light on the hardships faced by instructors In the United Kingdom. Generating good dissertation ideas for education is not as easy but also, it isn’t impossible.

Best Education Dissertation Topics That Are Trendy

Coming up with an average dissertation topic won’t get you the grades you wanted. Many students in the UK end up attending defense meeting for the topic they submitted. If you want to avoid unnecessary trouble, then picking a topic from our list of education dissertation topic is the best choice!

Type Subject
Bachelors Improvement of teaching quality with a smart-education system. New
Bachelors Challenges and prospects of higher education system development in contemporary society. New
Bachelors Information system and communication technologies in the education. New
Bachelors Evaluating the online teaching methods in comparison with physical. Which is more fruitful.
Bachelors COVID19 after effects: A measurement of the loss of knowledge and learning opportunities.
Bachelors A comeback strategy, Does the education system plan to add an online teaching degree post COVID19.
Bachelors Evaluating the role of parents in educating their children before sending them to school.
Masters An investigative study on the concept of allowing admission from the age of 3 years in some countries. Does it rob children of their early days or prepare better leaders?
Masters How do parents perceive early education for their children? Uncovering the hidden truth.
Masters Analyzing the teacher’s perspective in authoritarian education style. Does it help in maintaining the decorum?
M.Phil. An investigative study on the best behavioral management strategy for children under the age of 8 in the United Kingdom.
M.Phil. Discovering new ways to educate children with autism. A literature review study.
M.Phil. Understanding the nature of introvert children and how they survive in a competitive education system?
M.Phil. The role of regular play breaks for children in facilitating their learning curve.
Ph.D. The importance of extracurricular activities in boosting the learning curve of students.
Ph.D. Measuring the significance of sports classes for high school students. Is it helping them become better students?
Ph.D. Evaluating the role of teachers in decreasing the rate of bullying in schools.

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    There is no set word count limit for an education dissertation topic alone. Since your dissertation topic is sent with the dissertation proposal, its ideal word count is 1000 words. A dissertation proposal includes your topic, justification for the topic, and aims of the research.
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    It could be very easy for you to perfectly structure your dissertation unless you don’t have complete guidance. You have to learn about each of the chapters carefully and follow the proper guidelines/instructions. The best-known structure that you should follow is as follows. After coming up with interesting nursing topics you move towards the first chapter which is known as Introduction. Then there is Methodology chapter then after that, you have to work on the literature review chapter. Afterward, the fourth chapter is Data Collection + Analysis and then the final chapter which is the Interpretations & Recommendations chapter.

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