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  • Understanding the dynamic nature of high school students and how to maintain discipline in class.

Teaching is a difficult process, and when it’s about educating the young and restless, it becomes more challenging. High school students are teenagers, and they have a mind of their own. Understanding their views and helping them make better choices in life is also a part of a teacher’s job. Many times, high school students would misbehave. This can further develop into a habit that would impact their professional lives. Teachers have a responsibility to build discipline in their classrooms as well.

  • Scope of The Study

The aim of this research is to build an understanding of the impulsive personality of high school students. This research can benefit the reader by informing them about the ways of dealing with teenagers. The study would also share techniques to maintain discipline without the use of authority or force. This research would significantly benefit the scholarly world because there is an increasing number of unlawful activities taking place in high schools.

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    Analyzing the induction of Montessori education in hopes of improving pre-school education in the United Kingdom.
    An evaluation of what learners have gained from attending Montessori before attending pre-school.
    A critical study on the influence of local culture on foreign exchange students. What do they take back with themselves?
    Understanding the learning capabilities of Montessori students by taking enrolment tests for pre-schools in the UK.
    An analysis of the primary school curriculum. Should they teach money management and business studies?
    Is it the best decision to help students with poor performance scores in class, or are we taking away their learning opportunities?
    A critical investigation of the courses taught in high school. Are they designed for the informational age?
    The up-gradation of the schooling system. Why are we still in the industrial age of education?
    Summers and classes: A literature review study defending the need for summer school in colleges.
    An analysis of high school courses. Should there be more emphasis on the pressing issues?
    Providing students with the knowledge of today. Is it wise to educate with books written in the industrial age and launch graduates in the digital age?
    Evaluating discipline and dressing. Do male students dress well when they study in the co-education system?
    Racial segregation of colleges. Do its benefits outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa?
    Analyzing the aspects of essay help. Is it ethical to provide homework assistance?
    Grades versus raw talent

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