Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Luxury brands represent a small chunk of the business world that sell high-end products and deliver exceptional customer support. Finding an exclusive luxury brand dissertation topic can become challenging since you have a limited scope. With the help of DissertationWritingHelp, this tedious task can become a child’s play thanks to our robust writing department.

Perfect Luxury Brand Dissertation Idea for Your Learning!

If you want to avoid a defense meeting for your topic, then you need to take inspiration from our luxury brand dissertation idea. This will help you set boundaries for your brainstorming and prevent diversion from the main problem.

  • Evaluating the effects of innovation on the revenue of luxury clothing brands

Innovation is necessary to survive in the 21st century. Luxury brands have to be more flexible to new ideas because their customers expect new things. It is relevantly easy for luxury brands to innovate, given their massive revenue and vital Research and Development department. Moreover, it is evident that luxury clothing brands have made significant innovations by joining hands with technology. Zara has introduced augmented reality for customers to try on clothes without wearing them. This has increased their revenue and customer engagements at the same time!

  • Scope Of The Study

The aim and objective of this topic is to address the highly dynamic market of luxury brands. The target audience for such businesses has high expectations from such brands, given the painfully high prices. This research would quote some of the biggest luxury clothing brands that have adopted technology to innovate in their product. Moreover, this dissertation would also evaluate both the positive and negative effects of innovation.

List Of Luxury Brand Dissertation Topics For A Distinctive Dissertation!

A unique luxury brand dissertation topic can help you stand out from your competition. Moreover, a distinctive topic spikes the reader’s interest. If you are having a hard time coming up with something different, then leverage our list of top luxury brand dissertation topics!

Bachelors The role of brand activation in building a strong relationship with consumers in the UK.
Bachelors The significance of brad colors in facilitating the sales of luxury brands in the UK.
Bachelors An evaluative study on the advantages of using color psychology in generating sales for luxury brands in the UK.
Bachelors An analysis of the sleeper effect in building back the lost reputation of luxury brands in the UK.
Masters An evaluation of the differences between luxury brand marketing and conventional marketing.
Masters Understanding the role of digital marketing in facilitating luxury brands. Is it a medium for building a brand reputation or generating sales?
Masters A comparative study between small scale brands and luxury brands of the UK. Why their marketing strategies differ?
Masters An investigative study on the driving force behind the risk-taking capabilities of luxury brand managers
M.Phil. Examining the workplace environment in a luxury brand organization in contrast with mediocre bran in the UK.
M.Phil. An evaluation of the sales strategies of luxury brands in the UK.
M.Phil. A case study approach to the business strategies of Louis Vuitton. How does burning products instead of putting on sale benefit the organization?
Ph.D. Identifying the role of social media marketing in boosting the sales of luxury brands. A case study on Nike.
Ph.D. Evaluating the positive and negative impacts of guerilla marketing for luxury brands in the UK.
Ph.D. An investigative study on brand loyalty for luxury brands in the UK.

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