Retail marketing highlights the strategies used by retailers to target their consumers. It depends on 4 Ps of marketing. However, the significance of a retail dissertation topic can be seen in FMCG organizations that have regular interaction with retailers. A dissertation in these domains helps to ensure that you have an understanding of the retail mindset.

Trending Retail Dissertation Idea For Marketing In COVID19

A dissertation idea is based on a lingering problem in your field of research. Right now, the most prominent problem for your retail dissertation idea is COVID19. Take a look at how our meticulous writers have created a sample research idea for you,

  • The impact of COVID19 on the marketing strategies of retail businesses in the UK

Retail marketing has seen a significant downfall due to COVID19. With physical stores shut down for more than 9 months in some countries, its latent effects have taken over FMCG companies. FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These are an organization that produces daily use products. Since retail stores were shut down in COVID19, the sales funnel for FMCG companies was several damaged.

  • Scope Of The Study

The objective of this study is to measure the loss of business during the pandemic. This research would also focus on the adverse effects of COVID19 and how it disrupted retail marketing. Moreover, the scope of the study would also span over the effective methods retail stores can use to kick start their business.

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    List Of Retail Dissertation Topics For 2020

    If you want to take the smart way out of your academic burden, then pick a topic from our list of retail dissertation topics. These topics have been created by some of the best writers in our organization.

    BBA Evaluating the role of consumer behavior in retail management. A literature review study.
    BBA Measuring the effectiveness of supply chain logistics in the retail marketing of medicines in the UK.
    BBA The impact of fluctuating prices on the sales of retail stores in the UK.
    MBA How brands control sales for retail stores? Evaluation of an indirect relationship.
    MBA Retail of medicines. An investigative study of the profit ratio of medicine retailers in the UK.
    MBA A critical study of the legal document holders of medicine retailers in the UK.
    M.Phil. The effect of unauthorized retail marketing on public health.
    M.Phil. The pros and cons of retailing your product instead of opening your own store in the UK.
    M.Phil. An evaluation of the legal documents required to be a retailer in the UK. How many people actually follow the system?
    M.Phil. An evaluation of the sales strategies of luxury brands in the UK.
    Ph.D. A critical study of gas station retailers and the products they sell.
    Ph.D. Evaluating the marketing strategies used by gas station retailers and how they manage to upsell the consumer.
    Ph.D. An analysis of the benefits that come from opening a retail store in the UK, instead of a private label store.
    Ph.D. A critical study on customer loyalty programs, and how can they benefit small scale retail stores in the UK?

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    A retail dissertation topic can be beneficial for employment in top FMCG companies in the UK. FMCG companies are those that produce daily use products such as Unilever, P&G, etc. These organizations deal indirectly with retailers to boost their business. Therefore a retail dissertation helps in understanding the market.

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    Retail marketing is the strategy used by retail stores to attract new customers. It depends on 4 P’s and other conventional marketing strategies to generate sales. Writing a retail dissertation topic requires exceptional subject level knowledge. We will first go through your requirements and then add our industry knowledge to your dissertation.

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