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  • Understanding the mindset of teenagers and their impulsive behavior. How to educate emotionally unstable students.

Teenage is known to be irrational and impulsive. Their decision making is clouded by raging hormones, and so is their understanding. It becomes challenging for instructors to educate students that lash out. Using authoritative tactics on teenagers only worsens the situation. Moreover, the pressure from management to complete the syllabus is also daunting.

  • Scope of The Study

The aim of this research is to understand the behavior pattern of teenagers and how instructors and communicate with them. This study would also analyze the different teaching methods to maintain decorum in class. Since many students belong to challenging family backgrounds, handling them becomes problematic. Therefore, there is a dire need for research to discover ways to educate teenagers in higher education classes.

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    Type Subject
    Bachelors Analyzing the impact of homework on the social life of students in the United Kingdom.
    Bachelors A critical analysis of the student mindset regarding education.
    Bachelors The benefits of higher education and how it translates into a robust professional career. A literature review study.
    Master Investigating the role of teachers in helping teenagers make the best career choices.
    Master The role of a student counselor in guiding students in getting college admission in the UK.
    Master Analyzing the impact of online education on the grades of High School students. Is it a hit or a miss?
    Master Identifying ways to teach introvert students to participate in class.
    M.Phil. An investigation into the causes and effects of bullying on academic performance in high schools.
    M.Phil. Highlighting the role of management in minimizing bullying in high schools. How do teachers play their part?
    M.Phil. Understanding the traits parents prefer in a quality educator. A literature review study.
    Ph.D. Evaluating the role of parents and teachers in helping high school students perform best.
    Ph.D. Highlighting the importance of sports classes in high school to help students stay physically and mentally active.
    Ph.D. Analyzing the role of schools in safeguarding students from any external or internal threat.
    Ph.D. An analysis of strict teachers and how it impacts the minds of students in high schools.

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