Free Business Management Dissertation Topics for Attention-Grabbing Dissertations

Are you looking for interesting dissertation topics for Business Management to impress your professors? You are at the right place because we are here to serve you with a list of trending dissertation topics in business management to have an iconic dissertation!

Business Management Dissertation Ideas by Subject Matter Experts

Although you are welcome to grab as many BBA and MBA dissertation topics in Business Management as you want from the list below, we’d prefer you to create yourself some customized topics. Don’t worry, if you are struggling to create your topics then you should take these dissertation topics Business Management student’s use!

  • Link and Relationship between Society, Business and Government: You can create a dissertation topic revolving around the impact of laws, traditions, culture and other similar aspects while managing a business. You discuss the pros and cons as well as compare business management strategies in different states or countries in contrast to the aforementioned relationships and links. This is one of the most used business management dissertation topics UK students prefer.
  • Small and Big Business Management Models: You have to select two or more well-known businesses within your reach and/or interest, one huge and other comparatively small business. Then study each of your final (business) selections and identify the strong and weak points in each of the management models. Furthermore, you can discuss how one model can adopt certain strategies to eliminate flaws in their strategies.

List of Business Management Dissertation Topics from Top Business Analysts

Below you can find an absolutely free list of dissertation topics in Management of business. You can grab as many topics you want and modify them according to your interests and guidelines. It is very important for your dissertation topics to comply with the instructions you’ve been given.

Make sure to create as many drafts as you can before finalizing your topic. It will help you decide on your topic easily while giving you a short preview of your dissertation as well.

BBA Creating a closed-loop supply chain design for improving the sustainability of global business practices in the United States after COVID-19 pandemic
BBA How globalization impacts leadership in business management in the United Kingdom? A critical analysis
BBA An in-depth analysis of the impact of gender equality on business management in the United States of America
BBA Case study of the employee retention rate in the Microsoft compared to SONY while comparing their business management strategies.
BBA A comparative study of the global operations of Pizza Hut in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa in 2020.
MBA Identifying the significance and importance of acquisitions, mergers, and strategic alliances in e-commerce between eBay and Craigslist
MBA What are the challenges ethical businesses face in the United States of America when moving to the global mainstream market? A case study
MBA Case study of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the engineering business management in the United Kingdom
MBA Highlighting the importance of economic and social factors to build a successful chemical engineering business in the United Kingdom
MBA Critical analysis of the solar panel manufacturing business’ strategies after the COVID-19 pandemic
Ph.D. Highlighting the importance and impact of culture and traditions on international business management in the United States of America
Ph.D. Critical analysis of the top consumer trends in the United States of America as compared to the United Kingdom in the vehicle manufacturing industry
Ph.D. Evaluating the comprehensive impact of technological innovation on business management strategies in the United States of America.
MPhil A case study of how innovative companies such as Microsoft and Google gain a competitive advantage through effective management of technology in the third world countries.
MPhil Highlighting the struggles of ethical business management and sustainability in the corporations based in the United States of America.

Business Management Dissertation Topics FAQ’s

Finding the best dissertation topic can be very stressful for anyone. You have to keep a lot of things in your mind while selecting your topics such as the requirements and instructions communicated to you by your professors or supervisor. Complying with the requirement is necessary as going against them can get your dissertation rejected. So, make sure to pick a topic that is in trend so your dissertation quickly captures the reader’s attention.
There are many fields that you can cover in business management. For instance, Project management, construction management, event management, strategic management, sport management, waste management, real estate management, and a lot more. You have to focus on the field of your interest to craft an interesting dissertation topic.
The optimal length of a dissertation depends on many factors such as the type and nature of a dissertation as both of them have major impacts on the length of a dissertation. For instance, a PhD dissertation is comparatively longer than a BBA or MBA dissertation. You have to carefully understand the instructions and guidelines set by your professors for a valid dissertation length.
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