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  • Systematic Literature Review

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  • Its lengthy structure
  • Difficult citation styles
  • Multiple research references
  • Evidence collection
  •  Variable creation
  • Critical hypothesis development
  • Model maintenance

Along with the fact that Literature review takes the most time writing due to its length. The longest chapter of the dissertation.

How to Write A Literature Review?

If you are wondering how to write my literature review or what it requires means you have no clue. But, don’t worry! That’s what we are here for.

A literature review is the evidence support you get for your dissertation. In simpler form, it means, the theory that directly or indirectly supports your dissertation objective. You find the most reliable sources to gather the theory evidence for your literature review and cite those authors in your own with complete referencing.

Now another question that might hit you is “Can I use blogs or articles for references?”

A definite NO!

You cannot cite blogs or articles. You need reliable sources! Publishes journals and research papers from authentic areas like Emerald, Google Scholar etc.

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Critical Citations Are Getting The Best Of You?

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We know citations are hard to handle and very complex with multiple styles. But we are here to help you with your literature review’s citations which are needed in theoretical background and empirical evidence part as well.

APA (American Psychological Association)
It is the most used style of citation over Education, Psychology and Sciences.

MLA (Modern Language Association)
Mostly used in Humanities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We tend to use the safest payment methods which include PayPal, debit and credit, Pay note.

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As short as 3 days, it depends at what time you require your LR and we will make sure it is delivered on the exact time.

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We have a panel of extremely qualified and experienced UK native writers and editors’ expert in writing an exceptional dissertation.

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Only the literature expert of our team will be responsible to write your literature review from scratch.

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Of course! We are able to write your literature review on any domain, topic or title of your choice. For your dissertation.

Is literature review the longest chapter of dissertation?2020-06-01T08:27:38+00:00

Indeed, literature review is the most defined and lengthy chapter of any dissertation.