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Do you hire people for transcribing files?


Yes. We only hire industry specialists for dissertation transcriptions. Our transcribers are from different areas of study and have special skills in transforming any raw data into a flawless transcription file. Dissertation transcriptions are highly important for formation and viva purposes.

Do you hire people for transcribing files?2020-09-02T07:47:04+00:00

How can I send my files for transcriptions?


You can do so by simply ordering your transcriptions from us. Fill out our order form and specify your needs. You will find an option for attaching files at the bottom before closing the ordering form. Attach your files and we will transcribe it and deliver on the mutually decided time.

How can I send my files for transcriptions?2020-09-02T07:45:22+00:00

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the work we provide is not the final version, it is research based work which you have to incorporate and edit according to your university requirements.