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You can place your order by tapping on ‘order now’ tab at the top of the screen. It will direct you towards our online order form.

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Can I pay someone to write my secondary data collection near me?


You can easily purchase our secondary data collection help designed by experts. We have industry leaders who are well-experienced and qualified in secondary data collection. So, no matter what requirement or course you have for secondary data. We have your back 24/7. Get secondary data collection and analysis help whenever you want at low-price.

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How fast can you collect secondary data for me?


As fast as you want. We cater to all urgent secondary data collection help requests. The secondary data can be collected according to your given time-frame. The last-minute orders are also entertained.

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What is secondary data research method?


Former data which is used by a researcher is called secondary data. Whereas, secondary research is the opposite of primary research. It is not a first-hand research method but the data for secondary research purpose is collected through secondary sources. Secondary research includes material published in reports.

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What are the main sources of secondary data?


There can be multiple sources to collect secondary data. While it is easy to research and collect data for secondary purposes, it is also very effective in many terms. Sources of secondary data: Books Unpublished Sources Published Sources Journal Newspapers Websites Blogs Diaries Government Records Podcasts The only thing to keep in mind while collecting secondary data is the reliability and authenticity of it. For a dissertation, you need to be precise.

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What are examples of secondary data?


Secondary data is referred to as the data that already exists. Doesn’t matter if published or not. As secondary research is also termed as ‘desk-research’, the data is highly cost-effective. Some of the Examples of secondary data are: Governmental records Public libraries Governmental published data Commercial information Educational institutions Non-government data Data available on the internet

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What are the secondary data collection methods?


Secondary data can be collected from various methods. Both methods of data collection can be used for secondary purposes. Data can be collected through qualitative as well as quantitative approach. The secondary data are readily available for other resources both internal and external source. Both methods are further divided into data collection. Qualitative: interviews, media recordings etc. Quantitative: questionnaires etc. For a dissertation the methods are limited. Both methods should align with a renowned source of publications. Only research journals and authentic sites are used for the data collection on a secondary basis. Secondary data collection methods for dissertations should be [...]

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