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Types of Variables


What are Variables? A variable in research generally refers to a thing, place or phenomena that the researcher is trying to measure in some way. In other words, variables are any characteristics that can take a form in a different manner depending on the phenomena of research under a specific area. However, there are other kinds of variables as well such as; Quantitative Variables, Qualitative Variables and Confounding Variables. How many Types of Variables In context of research methodology, there are six basic kinds of variables such as; dependent, independent, intervening, moderator, extraneous and controlled. The variables are formed [...]

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Thematic Analysis


What is Thematic Analysis? Thematic analysis is considered analysis of significant themes and patterns. It entails the separation of themes within an index of information and the identification of their relevance. However, since this process is based on research questions, the main point is not to distinguish all possible themes from the information, instead, it is mainly used to process the fundamental concerns and perspectives which correspond to the study problem and objectives. It is important to emphasise that even if you start your research with research questions, they may not remain constant. Indeed, the exploration of topics is generally [...]

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Research Design


What is Research Design? Research design is a model that identified the tools and techniques that will be opted by the investigator for merging various mechanisms of the study in a logical way. It is an overall strategy that ensures how efficiently the researcher could address the problem of the research. Research design permits researchers for approaching appropriate methods for conducting a successful study. This phase mainly focuses on determining which tools should be implemented and how they are utilised. It helps in setting relevant methods for the research that supports the research type. Why research Design is Important [...]

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research Method


Quantitative Research Quantitative research is a design for conducting a research study and it is considered as a process of collecting and examining numerical data. In this research design, you can use different patterns and you can make a prediction, test causal relationship. In addition to this, it also enables a person to generate outcomes from large populations. Quantitative research is one of the most effective studies because these studies are free from biases. In addition to this, these types of studies are analysed and accessed easily and effectively. Methods for quantitative data collection There are many different methods [...]

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Primary Vs Secondary Data


You have chosen a very interesting research topic for your research and now you want to execute your study. Like every researcher, your main objective would be to obtain relevant and appropriate data for your research. However, when it is about the methods of data collection, primary and secondary data are two of the most frequently used data collection methods in a thesis. Both of these data collection methods embed different procedures and characteristics. Whether qualitative or quantitative research design, research is incomplete without implementation of primary or secondary sources. The following page is going to shed light on the insights [...]

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Independent Vs Dependent Variable


What is variable? The term variable is a conception or speculated idea that can be expressed in quantifiable terms. It is implied by a characteristic, quality concerning the object, person or situation in focus. In other words, a variable is a classification of goods, possibilities, thoughts, feelings, time or other things we are trying to measure. As a consequence, we distinguish variables between the following two types of variables: independent variables and dependent variables. Independent and dependent variables can be regarded as logical situations or outcomes. When assuming that the independent variable has changed, we can see an effect on [...]

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Data Collection Method


What is Data Collection? Data collection is one systematic process that plays an important role in the methodology. It is a kind of method which allows you to gather information about the research you are conducting. Data collection in actuality gives a real insight into the problems or knowledge about the particular questions. In the present world, businesses are interlinked with organisations, clients, users, employees and competitors. Similarly, every other topic on which you are working is connected to several aspects and elements. The right data collection method is therefore is equally important for you to restrict yourself from wasting [...]

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Chapter 3 Research Methodology


What is Dissertation Methodology? The methodology is a key part or aspect of dissertation. Methodology explains the wide philosophical underpinning for the chosen research methods which involves which method should be chosen either qualitative or quantitative method or mixed-method. The methodology is more concerned with allowing the readers for examining the reliability and validity of the paper. It involves the type of paper that will be performed throughout the thesis. Why Methodology is important for a Dissertation or Research Paper? Research methodology is an important yet crucial aspect of the thesis. It mainly emphasis explaining extensive philosophical features that [...]

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Types of Literature Review


Definition of a Literature Review A literature review is referred to as a piece of academic writing which explicit knowledge and understanding of the academic literature based on a particular topic that requires to be in context. A literature review further involves critical examination of the material therefore, it is known as the literature review instead of a literature report. It is generally an overview of major writings and other sources that are based on the topics selected. The sources that are used in writing literature review includes scholarly journal articles, books, online websites and government reports. It provides a [...]

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Theoretical Framework


What is Theoretical Framework? A theoretical framework is denoted as the structure that upholds and provide support to the theory that has been added in the research study. It provides a brief introduction and explores the theory that identifies why it is a research problem that exists in the study. Theoretical framework tends towards how you conceptualise the nature of the problem of the research along with analysing the theories that will help in investigating the problem. This framework identifies how you perceive, make sense of and investigate the problem. It is an undeniable fact that a theoretical framework is [...]

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