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    Why Students Have Troubles Writing Dissertations? Are They Too Complex?

    Writing a dissertation may seem easy at first but it gets complex without proper guidance and instructions. The structuring and formatting of a dissertation can be the most challenging part because there is not one but many different procedures to write a dissertation.

    A dissertation is divided into 5 chapters which are:

    1. Introduction: The introduction chapter states the argument following its background, the scope of the study, questions and assumptions, and predictions about the outcome.
    2. Literature Review: The literature review chapter includes a very straight-forward critical summary of all the literature used in the research during the dissertation writing process
    3. Methodology: In the methodology chapter, you have to state the methods you have used for the research and writing your dissertation.
    4. Data Collection + Analysis: You have to state all the collected data and analyze it according to your research topic in this chapter.
    5. Interpretation & Recommendations: This is the final chapter in which you have to interpret all the research and analysis to support your argument and then state the outcomes, your opinions, and recommendations. This chapter is also known as the conclusion chapter.

    These are the chapters of the dissertation and our writers are highly trained and can do each of them!

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    What Is The Weight Of Each Chapter In Dissertations?

    Writing a dissertation can get as stressful as you think. The process can be very tiring and can take months to get near to a finish. Each of the chapters in the dissertation that we mentioned above has a different weight.

    The weight of each chapter can be broken down as:

    • The introduction chapter weighs 15 %.
    • The literature review chapter weighs 30%
    • Methodology chapter weighs 10%
    • Data Collection chapter weighs 30%
    • The Interpretation & recommendations chapter weighs 15%

    The weight of each of the chapters indicates the balance of the word count between the chapters. Mastering the art of having a perfect balance is not an easy thing but all of our writers are experts at it.

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    A lot of students take a toll on their mental and physical health while writing a dissertation. All of the stress can have a long term effect on anyone and you should avoid it if you’re in a similar situation. A lot of students either give up while failing to complete their dissertation and drop out of certain course(s) and some students play smart and purchase dissertations services online.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the dissertation Abstract?2021-02-09T05:10:15+00:00

    The abstract is the crux of your entire dissertation. This part is written when the entire dissertation is complete.

    What’s the word count for Dissertation Abstract?2021-02-09T05:26:13+00:00

    Ideally, the word count for the dissertation abstract should be in between 300 words. Since the abstract is written to tell the reader what your paper is about. It’s best to keep it short.

    How to write an excellent dissertation?2021-02-09T05:27:55+00:00

    Regardless of your degree program, your dissertation should follow these pointers,
    • Carefully choose your research topic
    • Thoroughly check your requirements
    • Map out a clear goal
    • Write as you go

    How fast can your writers deliver my order?2021-02-09T05:31:52+00:00

    Our expert team of UK dissertation specialist efficiently handle all student work. We have a reputation for delivering within your specified deadline, and we don’t plan on stopping.

    What payment methods do you accept?2021-02-09T05:34:21+00:00

    We accept all major credit/debit cards, including bank transfers, PayPal, and Paynote.

    Are there any hidden charges?2021-02-09T05:36:13+00:00

    Absolutely not! our prices are fair and market competitive; you will only have to pay the amount you will see during your order placement.

    Why should I purchase dissertation services from you?2021-02-09T05:38:35+00:00

    We have been in the academic writing industry for more than 8 years with 1000+ dissertations done and dusted. Our team of highly qualified UK dissertation experts has expertise over all subjects.

    My dissertation topic is unique, can your team handle it?2021-02-09T05:43:09+00:00

    Don’t worry; we have an arsenal of 70+ Ph.D. qualified writers. We will definitely find a writer for your topic with ease.

    Is my information safe with you?2021-02-09T05:44:56+00:00

    Customer confidentiality is our number one priority. We believe in protecting your identity at all costs.

    Disclaimer: Kindly note that the work we provide is not the final version, it is research based work which you have to incorporate and edit according to your university requirements.