What is Problem Statement?

The statement of a problem is a statement of present problem/ issue which needs appropriate actions to improve the condition. It briefly deliberates the barriers of present issues placed between practical products and process and problematic situations.

Why Statement of the Problem is Important in Research?

Problem statement is a useful tool of communication. It is significant to individuals, businesses, and other entities to establish projects emphasised on improvement. It helps in the decision- making processes of these projects.

When Should You Write a Statement of the Problem?

There are various conditions where you may have to compose the statement of the problem. In industries and different organisations, writing the statement of the problem is crucial step in the improvement of projects. It helps you in understanding the problem and help you in finding and executing efficient solutions.

In research writing, composing a problem statement assist you to investigate and understand the problem statement’s importance.

The statement of problem of your dissertation can either be of some long paragraphs, or can be summarised into few sentences, depending on your dissertation’s requirement.


How to Write a Statement of the Problem?

There are some main essentials that is necessary for you to consider before composing the statement of problem. It can positively influence your dissertation’s results. You need to keep in mind the following.


Propose a Solution

Your dissertation’s problem statement needs to propose solution(s) to the issue. You need to have a solid understanding on the cause of problem and be ready to recommend real-world methods to understanding and resolving it.

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