How Long Should a Thesis Statement Be

Firstly; it is very important to clarify that a thesis statement is not something that is only written in research works or thesis works rather every academic paper has a thesis statement. A thesis statement in an academic paper acts like a nucleus of the cell; small in size but the core of it. Students are well aware of the importance of a thesis statement which is why they specifically buy Dissertation writing service or academic paper writing help from such professional writers who could generate a strong thesis statement.

How long should a thesis statement be is a question that arises in the minds of many students during the writing process? There are some general guidelines that can help you determine the appropriate length for your thesis statement, the purpose of writing it, and the ways to make it more effective. This post will help the readers in comprehending all about the thesis statement

The thesis statement is what captures the central point of your whole academic paper. It highlights what the argument of the specific paper is going to be about. It is the thesis statement based on which the reader decides whether he would be reading the particular paper or he might just give it a miss.

How to write a thesis statement? How Many Sentences Are in a Thesis Statement? And so on are the questions that come later on. The first thing that students should know is where to place a thesis statement. The thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction paragraph of the academic paper. This is why everyone looks early in an essay for the sentences that form the condensation of the argument or analysis that the academic paper is yet to follow.

  • What is the purpose of a thesis statement?

“Writing a thesis statement is like giving a map to the lost traveler in quest of a direction.” It is clarified that the thesis statement words form the core of the academic paper but besides that; it has the following purpose in any academic paper;

  • To provide a guide to the reader about the argument of the academic paper.
  • To help in the better organization and development of the academic paper.
  • To test the ideas by sieving them into a few sentences.

Besides that; the thesis statement also helps the writer when he is in the process of writing and starts to deviate from the main topic. In such cases; he can go back and look at the thesis statement to remind himself that this is what his paper must only be about.

  • What are the three types of thesis statements?

Mainly; a thesis statement is divided into its types depending upon the kind of thesis paper a student is writing. So; before looking for words to start a thesis statement, it is important to know the following three types of thesis statements;

  1. Analytical Thesis Statement:

The analytical thesis statement highlights the topic of the academic paper, the point that you analyzed, and the conclusion you reached as a result of your analysis. If you are having difficulty generating the thesis statement then you can take the help of a thesis title generator.

  1. Argumentative Thesis Statement:

The topic of the paper, your take on the topic in discussion, and the reasons you have this take on the topic are the things that a student has to highlight in an argumentative thesis statement.

  1. Expository Thesis Statement:

This is a kind of thesis statement in which the topic of the paper has to be stated and the list of the key aspects must be mentioned in it.

How to generate a thesis statement?

There are two scenarios that students are faced with when they are assigned academic projects; one scenario is in which the topic is given to the student and another scenario is in which the student has to choose the topic by themselves related to their area of discipline. Each and every detail matters while writing a thesis statement; varying from how many words in a thesis statement must be to what factors must be considered while generating a thesis statement.

  • If a student has been assigned a topic and has to generate the thesis statement accordingly, then he shall;
  • Convert the given statement into the form of a question.
  • Once; students turn the statement into a question, find out the possible answers to the question.
  • The answers to the given questions then have to be made into a thesis statement depending upon the required thesis statement words.
  • If no topic has been assigned by the educational institute then a student can generate the thesis statement while following the below-mentioned steps;
  • Choose a question that you would like to ask on the given topic.
  • The statement should be debatable enough.
  • Give one main idea instead of highlighting three to four ideas in a single statement.

How Many Sentences Are in a Thesis Statement also plays an integral factor while sticking to a specific thesis statement as it must not go beyond the required length.

  • How to start a thesis statement?

The next thing that students need to figure out is the kind of words to start a thesis statement. A thesis statement is quite brief so you will have to go the extra mile to choose suitable words for it. Different words have to be chosen for different forms of writing; for instance;

  • If it is an informational academic paper and you have been given a question as a topic then your thesis statement will focus on the provision of an answer. So; a starting point of your thesis statement must be a part or prompt of a question.
  • If you have a specific statement as your topic then it might be a little tricky to structure a thesis statement. You can start with words like; “I intend to…., in this paper…., etc.”
  • When it comes to argumentative paper writing then you will have to start a thesis statement with a slightly different stance. You will start by stating your position or take on the given topic and how you plan to prove it.
  • Steps to write a strong & effective thesis statement:

Everybody can write a thesis statement but only a few can come up with a strong and effective thesis statement that will catch the attention of the reader and persuade him to keep on reading your academic paper with interest. The following points will help students in making their thesis statement strong and effective

  • It must be concise:

The first rule of a strong thesis statement is that it must stay to the point and must not be loaded with extra words because it is the main crux of the academic paper and you must not crunch it with the addition of too many words.

  • It must be debatable:

If your thesis statement is just like what the popular view is about a particular topic then it won’t catch the attention of the reader. Your thesis statement must have a heated point of an argument; not offensive but debatable.

  • It must go in coherence with your text:

Make sure that you are selecting a thesis statement that goes well with the points you have in mind to add to your context. Otherwise; it is going to leave an extremely bad impression if a thesis statement won’t match the remaining idea of the paper.

  • It must express one main idea:

If you don’t want to confuse your readers then stick to the one main idea. In this way; neither you will deviate from the topic nor will your readers be confused between more subjects of discussion.

  • It must justify the discussion:

Pointing out the subject matter of the topic along with the way you are going to justify this subject is what the thesis statement is all about. So; make sure that whatever the word limit of the thesis statement is, it must cover both things precisely.

This is why students often take dissertation proposal help from professional writers when they want to get their dissertation and thesis statement to be effectively written. It is because students are familiar with the importance of thesis statement writing and they know how tricky it gets to fit the main idea of the whole academic paper within such a confined word limit. However; if they will practice the rules mentioned in this post then their thesis statement will also turn out to be as effective as done by the professionals.

Length of a thesis statement:

The most commonly asked question by students is how long should a thesis statement be and rightly so because when it comes to academic paper writing you have to stick by the rules and following the given word count is one of the most important rules of writing. As there is a specific word count for an academic paper, and its sections; similarly there is a specific word count or length of a thesis statement that must be followed.

The ideal length of a thesis statement is that it must remain within two to three lines. This is why it gets even trickier for the student to explain the core of the topic in such a short word limit but it is confined to these words that signify the particular section of a part of academic paper writing.

  • How many words are in a thesis statement?

If students are still confused about the length of a thesis statement and want to know how many words in a thesis statement must be included then to be précised; it must vary from 20 words to 50 words at most.  Obviously, you cannot write one long sentence of about 20 to 50 words rather students must divide their thesis statement into two to three small sentences; if needed.

  • How Long Should a Thesis Statement Be for a High School Student?

Even though the basic principles of thesis statement writing remain the same for all academic levels but if you want to specify it even more according to the level of education then the word limit of a thesis statement for high school students must retain within 30 to 40 words. When it comes to high school thesis statement writing then it is preferred to write your subject in one sentence but if there is an extreme requirement then you can divide it into two or more clauses.

  • How long are Thesis Statements for College Essays?

Moreover; the length of a thesis statement also depends upon the depth of the academic paper and as the students go into higher levels of education; the complexity and the intensity of the academic paper also enhance.

So; as the students reach advanced levels of education then there might come some changes in the thesis statement writing as well, especially its word count. The thesis statement of a college essay must contain two complete sentences varying from the word limit of 20 to 50 words.


The main thing that differentiates academic paper writing from other forms of writing is that there are so many rules and terms to follow in academic writing. The beauty of academic paper writing relies on its conditions and how students have managed to follow those terms while writing their academic papers. The thesis statement plays an integral role in every form of academic paper writing; be it a high school essay or a university-level assignment project. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding all about thesis statement writing.