How social media helps you to complete your dissertation?

Do you know that American youth is known to be spending 7 hours online per day! (Edsurge, 2020). And this fact should not be considered wrong for the rest of the world too. Clearly, around the globe, students spend a significant part of their day online. Of course, much of that time is dedicated to social media.

But this becomes a huge obstacle in the way of your studies. There is something about social media that has turned us all into social media addicts. And this is affecting our grades greatly. However, if we deal with this situation a little smartly, social media can actually aid us in our studies too.

You may have never considered this before, but social media can be fruitful in the completion of your dissertation. You can use it to your aid in multiple ways. Some of these ways are listed below:

  1. Social media can aid you in conducting online surveys

    Most students have to conduct surveys as a part of their research work. And this is one huge burdensome task! They have to run from one place to another, talking to this and that person individually. Many people even refuse to fill out the survey forms.

    The good news is that social media can turn the task of your survey conduction into a piece of cake. All you need to do is first simply make an online survey. Then post the link to that survey on your social media accounts. In the caption, ask people to fill out the survey. You can also mention a small description of the survey. This will intrigue people further.

    Social media is a platform that is known for a big record of users. Not to ignore the aspect of diversity too. So you have a great chance that your survey will be viewed and filled by multiple people. But being aided in the online conduction of surveys is just a basic thing. Now people even use social media sites to reach out to professionals and seek dissertation writing service from them.

  1. You can follow pages and groups related to your research

    What is the topic of your research? Go and search it up on through your social media accounts. You will see that there will be many pages that will be related to your research work. You would even find research groups that might be working on the same aspect of your field. Connect will all such pages and groups and try to extract as much benefit as you can.

    Of course, research work involves a lot of technicalities. Students from around the globe are aware of the difficulties. Hence, they even create useful pages for each other’s aid. For example, you may even find a page about how to write a dissertation proposal and learn techniques from there.

    If you are still not clear about how you ought to conduct your research, you can always seek academic help through the internet. Ask professionals for dissertation methodology help and they will explain to you how you shall proceed.

  1. You can create research profiles

    Creating your own research profile is the best way to propagate your research work. You can simply post your dissertation research questions on your profile and get useful replies to them. People from diverse sets of backgrounds, multiple educational institutions and diverse academic fields will engage on your profile. When you will feel connected and facilitated, you would be able to produce an excellent dissertation work.

    Building your own profile for research is essential. But another benefit of social media is that you can search for useful profiles too. For instance, you could look for dissertation proofreading services UK or any other country-based and get benefited from that service.

  1. You can then use social media to boost the visibility of your research profile

    Social media management strategies are modeled to influence the public perception (Benthaus, Risius, and Beck, 2016). And you can use that for your own good. Once you have created a research profile, the next step would also involve the use of social media.

    Ask your friends to post stories about your research profiles. They can ask people to follow your profile. You can even go steps further by posting ads of your profile, if you have lots of financial resources. In short, there are multiple ways in which you can use social media to boost the visibility of your profile.

  1. Make use of social media to recruit participants in your research work

    Through the same profiles, you can even ask people to join you in your research work. Recruit as many participants as you want in your research work. They can be people from the same academic background. Or they could even be students with other educational paths who want to participate in interdisciplinary research.

    Just make sure that you do not disclose all the essential findings or results to them that are supposed to be kept private.

  1. Collect primary data by engaging on social media

    Secondary research can easily be done through the internet. You just have to look for scholarly articles. But primary research is more of a technical thing. The data needs to be original in a primary data collection. If you utilize the platform of social media intellectually, you can collect your own primary data.

    The simplest way is to just post a status and ask people a question relevant to your work. For example, a psychology student can post a question about social anxiety and examine the responses.

  1. Utilize summary statics from the social media for your research

    Another way to use social media for data collection is to actually use the statics observed on social media. The number of responses to a certain kind of post can be evaluated. And the resulting statistical analysis can be used as evidence. Just make sure that you tell the people involved that this will be used in your dissertation work.

    Similarly, many sorts of summary statics can be used. You can utilize data of many social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  1. Use social media as a way to connect with the professionals

    Reaching out to the professionals related to your field could be a very productive step. However, it’s never easy to do so in person. Most of the time, these people of importance are busy with their tough schedules. So they turn down any such call.

    However, through social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can easily reach out to them. This will remove all the hustle of actually going to their offices. Also, since such platforms are just for the sake of building professional connections, they will feel bound towards providing you with a response.

  1. The best way to communicate with your research team

    If you are working alone on your dissertation work then that’s another case. But if your research work involves other group members then things could get a little haphazardly.

    The best way to keep in touch with your group mates is through social media. You can make groups where you can keep up with each other’s progress. A slight shift in your attitude can bring drastic changes in what you are doing (masteressaywriters, 2020).

  1. A platform to seek instant help

    While doing your dissertation work, you may come across difficulties. You may face a problem in your work that you can’t solve on your own. Sometimes the answers are not there on the internet too.

    In such cases, you just need to engage on social media right away. Post your difficulties, and ask people for help. So you can use social media as a place from where you can get instant replies from time to time.

  1. Important ideas and resources can be shared

    Maximum knowledge is always required when it comes to good academic writing (bestassignmentwriter, 2021). You need to have lots of ideas that you can incorporate into your dissertation.

    This can be particularly beneficial for students who have an academic background in art or social sciences. In such cases, ideas can even be collected from Instagram or Pinterest. In any case, social media can be used as a platform where not only you can look for resources, but also share them.

Final statement

Of course, you can use social media in a number of ways for your own use. And it can greatly ease the task of your dissertation as mentioned above. But while you are getting benefitted from it, focus on contributing back too. The content that you have found useful, don’t forget to recommend it to others too.