How to Write a Dissertation Proposal Literature Review

Writing a literature review for your proposal? It is certainly not that easy, but neither not that much complex. A literature review of a dissertation proposal is arguable the most notable aspect of the documents. It has an assessment of the topic you are planning to research. This gives the background, the framework, and the previous findings of your research.
There are a plethora of misunderstandings about the literature review section which makes UK students consult a best dissertation writing service UK based. Most of the British students consider simply jotting down relevant sources while in reality, this is pretty much not the case. A Literature review is a critical analysis of the experiments previously conducted along with your opinion. A literature review of a single project might just be of hardly 2 lines, but it contains much more. A literature review of single research would contain the following,
a. The findings
b. The Author’s view
c. Your Opinion

Importance of Literature Review of a Dissertation Proposal

The literature review of a dissertation proposal carries immense importance for both the research student as well as the committee. From the committee perspective, it provides the student’s capacity and ability to comprehend skills and display the knowledge of course learning. From the student’s perspective, it is the chances of getting the proposal accepted, the more detailed the literature review section, more are the chances of getting the proposal accepted. Hence it is not to be taken for granted.

The Writing Style

After having meetings with top dissertation writers in the UK, we came to know the best writing style in which a literature review of a dissertation proposal must be written. The style is argumentative and should be of critical analysis. There should be sources supporting the idea and there should be sources negating it. But it, in the end, it’s vital to be supportive and provide valid reasons for conducting the research project. The researches should be summarized since it is a proposal and the real length will be observed in the actual dissertation.

Guide to Writing An Awesome Dissertation Proposal Literature Review

The following are the best and guidance in writing a proper and convincing literature review of your proposal.

Identifying Different Information Sources

The first thing you would have to work on is finding and identifying the right resources with proper and relevant resources. This might be a time-consuming task but it will ensure your proposal getting accepted by the research committee. While searching for the sources, you will have to figure out which type of source you are accessing for your project. They can be books, journals, newspapers. Depending on the research topic chosen by you. Whether it is requiring qualitative research or quantitative ones, or both, you will have to select the best one required for your topics. This will also concern the methodology section and the citations later. Therefore it is necessary that you Google or searches out the best source of information for your Dissertation.

Identifying And Filling the Gap

A Research gap is the reason behind the existence of the research question and hence the whole research. By identifying a research gap, means the creation of a problem statement and the conceptual framework for relating dependent and independent variables.
It is an important strategy to consider while preparing the literature review is to ensure that the gaps are identified in the body of the text. For displaying relevancy to your topic, it is mandatory to point out the problem and then diverting towards the solution which will be attained only by the committee that gives their consent. Try highlighting the gap in your literature review. Since it’s a proposal, it will be a bit shorter than the one you’ll be writing for the actual dissertation. Search reliable sources for your literature review such as Google Scholar and the Wiley Online Library.

Reading The Abstract Instead of the Whole Article

Skimming ver the whole research article will take a considerable amount of minutes and this can be critical with stringent and nearing deadlines. However, in this case, it would be wise to read the abstract of the article. An abstract resembles the summary of the research. A British student can easily identify the gaps, the methodologies, and the results just by going through the abstract section. It’s a great time-saving strategy

Writing The Paragraph Body

One of the best examples is the following which gives an idea of how the literature review body must be written.

“Mental illness especially depression and inferiority complex have been observed in avid social media users and this tends to deteriorate as the individual keeps engaging with the platform (William 2011; Sean 2011; Edward 2014; Mathews 2017) “

The above is a basic example of writing a statement with its citations in the literature review. Online platforms and institutions such as the Birmingham City Universit< offer examples of a citation for dissertation students.

Proofreading Your Material

Once the literature review has been typed down, it is highly recommended that you do a proofread. Remember that this is a formal proposal that will be reviewed by not only the instructor but maybe the research committee of the institution. One grammatical lapse may display an attitude of non-seriousness and unwilling and as a high chance of getting rejected. It is recommended to do a Grammarly check or search for other error checking software on Google.

Some Tips To Remember

• Try keeping the writing formal, yet simple.
• Avoid relying on a handful of authors’ works.
• Make sure to gather ample work from the sources.
• Ensuring that the references have been done correctly

Summing It All up

For students who are facing trouble and difficulty, writing a literature review for either the proposal or for the dissertation is not that complicate as it seems. With the correct guidance and the best dissertation writing help UK students are seeking, a flawless LR can be crafter for your proposal.