List of Hollywood Celebrities who went to Harvard

For some kids who can’t wait to start their maturity era, completing high school is an accomplishment. Some people aim for the top colleges, while others want to enroll in any college they can get accepted into. With tight entrance requirements and a high ranking among the world’s most renowned universities, Harvard University has a low admittance rate but USA definitely had best dissertation proofreading services. Even after being famous, some celebrities continue their education at colleges, while others were students there before they knew they might become famous. The 20 famous people who attended Harvard University are listed below.

  1. Matt Damon

    Even though he is best known for the “The Bourne” films, the actor continued to value a good education, maybe due to the influence of his mother, a professor. When he applied to the institution, he already had a good job and even claimed in his application that his goal was to become an actress. Damon studied English after having his application accepted by the institution.

  1. Al Gore

    The New York Times reported that the former vice president of the United States had not submitted applications to other universities because he was so determined to attend Harvard. The fact that it was the top university and that President John F. Kennedy had also attended it, according to Gore, served as his motivation. Gore, like Obama, was determined to impact the university; as a result, he ran for president of the freshman council on the second day he was on campus.

  1. Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman came to the university in 1999 as a freshman to dispel the notion that she was a stupid actor. She was already hurting her efforts because she believed she was too stupid to attend Harvard and that others who spend their lives staking dissertation help London would assume she was only accepted. After all, she was a well-known actress. Fortunately, she overcame her poor self-esteem and earned a psychology degree in 2003. She was chosen as the 2015 graduating class’s Class Day speaker.

  1. Barack Obama

    Obama made a strong first impression with his attire—skinny jeans and a sweatshirt—and his determination to change things at the organization. He always paid close attention in class, sitting in the front row to hear everyone’s thoughts on the subject. Wonder is Obama also wanted to take data analysis help like all the other students, huh?

  1. Michelle Obama

    Unlike her husband, who spoke excessively, this former first lady impressed Charles Ogletree, her law professor, to the point where he declared she was a much better suited for the oval office. Even though Obama is fantastic, the professor claimed that his wife could have easily won the office had she run for it, but Ogletree did not believe she would. Fortunately, Michele’s Princeton University professor gave her another reference letter after seeing how well she handled herself there, helping her gain admission to Harvard.

  1. John F. Kennedy

    JFK used just five phrases in his essay to persuade the admissions committee that he should be admitted to the esteemed university. His desire to attend Harvard was primarily motivated by the fact that the school had something concrete to offer him other than getting the best dissertation service UK and that his father had graduated from there. When he submitted his application, he was only 17 years old. He arrived on campus in 1936 to study for a Bachelor of Arts in government. His graduation was in 1940.

  1. Eliot Spitzer

    Spitzer’s time at Harvard Law School was described in a piece that appeared in The Crimson (Class of 1984: Eliot Spitzer | News | the Harvard Crimson, n.d.). Spitzer was such a conscientious student that even his professors would tell him to take a break from studying and have some fun. Maybe he would be needing literature review help services afterward; who knows? Or might not, just kidding. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1984 and was asked to speak on government control there almost two decades later.

  1. Hill Harper

    After graduating with honors from Harvard Law School in 1992, Harper earned a J.D. there. At the basketball court in college, he met Obama, and they got along well. Thanks to a project the actor had started, the two frequently played basketball at a maximum-security jail. A prisoner informed the actor in a letter that Harvard students did not contact inmates since Harper ran an outreach program for black students.

  1. Ashley Judd

    This “Double Jeopardy” contestant said she chose Harvard University for her Ph.D. program not for the prestige but to help her become a more effective activist. She graduated from the same university with a master’s in public administration. Her degree from the University of Kentucky, where she had previously majored in French studies, was postponed for 17 years because Judd failed to submit the necessary papers for a course substitution. The actress thought about enrolling at the University of California Berkeley to study public health before going to Harvard.

  1. Rashida Jones

    Jones graduated from the class of 1997. She was set on attending Harvard Law School to pursue a legal education, but the Simpson murder case caused her to reconsider her course of action. She consequently started looking into other possible job possibilities. While attending the university, she wasn’t in the best mental health, but acting helped her overcome her despair, allowing her to earn a degree in philosophy and religion (thedissertationhelp, 2019).

  1. Mira Sorvino

    The #MeToo movement gained popularity after Sorvino accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. According to Los Angeles Times, she specialized in East Asian culture and literature (Blake, 2018). After being passed up for roles in movies, Sorvino struggled to decide whether to continue her education or pursue her acting career. However, her father’s buddy persuaded her to continue her studies and earn a degree.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

    It was customary for Zuckerberg’s father to give his kids a choice between attending college and starting their businesses. The Facebook CEO decided to attend college and arrived at a school in 2002 to study computer science and psychology. He left school to concentrate on his company, which would later become Facebook. Looking back, he said that his parents probably believed that if all he wanted to do was start his own business, he should have taken the cash and opened a franchise. In 2017, Zuckerberg was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard.

  1. Conan O’Brien

    O’Brien indicated that he was overweight and had the worst photo on the freshman Facebook page when he gave his speech to the Harvard Class of 2000. He admitted to the students that despite their admiration for him as a celebrity and demigod, he still struggled with self-doubt, much like most of them surely did when they first enrolled at the esteemed university.

  1. Barney Frank

    Frank was the first politician in the U.S. to come out as gay. It was no surprise, given his reputation for adamantly defending his political ideas and standing by them. He was passionate about politics and frequently debated it with his Harvard roommate. He introduced the first gay rights law in the early 1970s while serving as a state senator in Massachusetts, even before coming out.

  1. Chris Hughes

    Thanks to a stroke of luck, Hughes was Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard University. At the time, Hughes made $10 per hour working at the Hicks House library. After assisting Zuckerberg with the site’s marketing, user experience, and media attention, Hughes was interested in talking about his ownership stake, so the two roommates started talking about Facebook.

  1. James Blake

    Blake is well known for playing tennis professionally. His parents, who participated in the Harlem Junior Tennis program, served as his coaches when he first began playing the sport. Blake’s parents constantly drilled home the value of academics, but he was adamant about going pro in his chosen field. As a result, he wasn’t sure whether to attend Harvard.

  1. John Lithgow

    2017 saw Lithgow become the 24th recipient of the Harvard Arts Medal, which honors a Harvard alum for outstanding achievement in the arts. He pursued studies in history and literature, earning a magna cum laude degree in 1967. He was the first professional actor to ever give a commencement speech at Harvard in 2005.

  1. Colin Jost

    Jost, like O’Brien, developed his comedic abilities at Harvard University, where he served as the organization’s president. Despite being a year older, he was in college simultaneously as Hughes and Zuckerberg. Jost liked comedy early on, and while in high school, he interned at the Staten Island Advance. After graduating from Harvard, Jost joined the Advance staff as a night editor and continued writing pieces for other magazines.

  1. Donal Logue

    Like his parents, Logue was taught to put forth much effort. He claimed that teaching children to be independent and begin earning money at 10 is customary in Irish families. Logue worked as a security guard and cleaner to supplement his income while attending Harvard. While attending the university, Harrison Ford served as his ethics lecturer.

  1. Henry Kissinger

    In 1938, Kissinger immigrated to the U.S. as a German citizen and brought Smokey the dog with him. When Kissinger was 24 years old, he received a scholarship at Harvard and concealed the puppy in his college dorm. Some on campus did not accept him because they believed Harvard shouldn’t have accepted him after he served in World War II. Kissinger nevertheless received a summa cum laude degree despite the accusations that he was a war criminal.