What are Dissertation Research Aims and Objectives?

The aim of your research needs to be precise and expressed in a way that it should be easy to find out when it has been accomplished. While, the objectives plans certain stages that you will require to accomplish you aim of research. Objectives explains that WH questions of your research.


Importance of Aims and Objectives in Research

Aim and objectives are an important part of a dissertation. Aims are the understanding and awareness that your require to resolve your research question. Well-established aim links your research to the questions that stimulates it. While, objectives are certain actions of your research which you propose to perform in your project of research.

Major Difference between Aims and Objectives


How to Write Research Aims and Objectives?

There is no defined structure in writing aim and objectives of research. Every researcher will have a slightly different approach in writing it. However, there are few simple ethics that you need to follow for virtuous practice, such as:

Your research aim needs to answer the questions given below:

  • Whyis this study necessary?
  • Whatis this study all about?
  • Howdo you intent to do it?

While, each objective of your research needs to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achiveable, Relevant, Timebound);


Do’s and Don’ts in Writing Research Aims and Objectives


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